How did you get into BIONICLE?

We all have stories of how we got here. What got us into this exciting universe? How did we learn about it's existence? I'd LOVE to hear your stories! Here's mine first-

I got Vahki Nurrakh at Five Below when I was four I believe. At that age, I was mostly interested in Toy cars so I knew Jack-Squat about Bionicle, but I at least knew what It was having seen commercials. I later got Visorak Vohtarak and Boggorak for Christmas in '05, but I still knew nothing about it.

Unfortunately I started REALLY late, but at the end of '08 or early '09, My mom's friend's daughter needed help in creating a diorama for a project, and she needed alot of my model cars in the process. Afterwards, she got me a LEGO racers set as a gift. I was always curious about LEGO, because I had become a fan of Star Wars in 2008 and I wanted one of the sets, and all of my friends were into LEGO. So I eventually got hooked to LEGO after visiting their website, watching videos on Youtube, and subscribing to LEGO Club Magazine. It was the May-June 2009 issue and Glatorian Legends Mata-Nui was on the first page. My birthday was coming up and my Mom suggested I made a list. Naturally I put down all LEGO sets, and for some reason, Mata-Nui. Why I don't know, I just did.

Then one day, while on the LEGO website, I checked out the BIONICLE site just to see what it was like. After seeing the Movie clips, looking at the sets and characters, listening to the music, and reading the comics, I WAS HOOKED. I eventually decided I wanted Mata-Nui more than the other gifts I has asked for. My Birthday passed and I got three sets, none of which were BIONICLE. A few hours later my aunt called to wish me Happy Birthday and asked me if I wanted anything. And I asked for Mata-Nui. I got him a week later. Then I got two Agori. Then I got the movie.

Then I realized I was a BIONICLE fan.

TL;DR- I saw Mata-Nui in the LEGO Club Mag I got and became a fan afterwards.

So, who's next?


Well I always liked the sets or at least as long as I can remember and I didn't know much about the story. But then I saw that bionicle was coming back and now I am a super fan and know a little bit more about the story but a lot more then before

I got a bunch of sets from my cousin, but didn't really know what Bionicle was until about '08. Glad for this new wave so I can actually experience living Bionicle.


Back in 2001 of September, I was 8 at the time when I saw My Brother's Jaller (than Jala) than long after when I got Macku (than Maku) was to become the First BIONICLE set that I ever held before G1 Lewa become my first Toa set.

'03 with The Mask of Light movie.


I got Web Of Shadows when I was a toddler. It spooped me. In '06, I got a Hakann toy in a Happy Meal. In '09, I got Strakk.

TL;DR: I was introduced to Bionicle TWICE without knowing it.

school our 1st grade teacher had all of the phantoka sets and I was hooked October of 2009 is when it started and on October 15th I got my first lego bionicle set and I was hooked

My story is quite a unique one. When I was young I was diagnosed with leukemia, and my third day in the hospital some people came around handing out toys to all of the cancer kids at the hospital. The only Lego set that they had was a brand new Toa Mata Pohatu. On that day, my life was forever changed.


I originally got sets in '05, mainly for the system sets, and I had no idea what the them was about until 2006, then that's when I got really interested in it :blush:

I got into the theme in 2016, with the Introduction of the Flick-Fire Missile-Eyed Nixel Lasers.


It must have been about 2004 when I got my first set, Pahrak-Kal, at LEGOLAND when we were looking through the warehouse section (which I don't think they do anymore at my local one). I rather liked the set, but it wasn't until my next visit maybe a month later when I got Tahu Nuva that I really got into it. I loved Bionicle until maybe 2007, when it was 'uncool' for our group to be into them, but I actually still got them (in secret) until their demise, which I didn't know about until Hero Factory came along. After the Nuva, I didn't get more than 1 set in a wave, so I wasn't madly into them, but I'd still collect them.

And that brings me to now, when I got an advert for Bionicle on YouTube and immediately bought Lewa. Bionicle's reboot has brought me back into Bionicle, and I'm not learning all of their names and stories and such (I never really payed attention to all that).

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Oh the feelz. :cry:


My brother had been a mild fan of Bionicle when he was younger. He had a few sets, and him being my brother, I always wanted to play with them. He constantly told me no as he wanted to keep the sets together, and I was only 3 at the time. Then, when I turned 4, I finally got my first set. I believe it was Vakama Metru, but I'm not sure. I played with him all the time, bringing him with me anywhere I went (generally, not out of the house, though). Once I turned 5, I got even more interested in Bionicle, and got more and more sets, while my brother's interest was waning. He was starting to get into video games, and got a DS for Christmas that year. He ended up giving me all of his parts that he had collected over the years. His last set was Zaktann, who he liked, but quickly just gave him to me. 2005 was when I started to get into the story. I may have only been 5, but Web of Shadows and the comics were easy enough for me to follow. I got even more invested as time went on, while my brother was more interested in Pokemon and Guitar Hero. He was not, however done with Bionicle. As my collection grew, we would build more and more MOCs. Yes, they were all just Inika builds, but we didn't care. We would tell epic stories, have huge battles, and we even built 2 revamps of Maxilos that fought each other. Over the years, Bionicle has always been a big part of my life, but also his life, even if he doesn't realize it. Even now that he is in the Air Force, and married, he still has his self MOC, and another MOC he built. If he has played with them since, I do not know.


I was in a bookstore in 2007, saw the Updated Version of the Encyclopedia, and bought it...for no reason.

Seriously. None whatsoever.

One of my friends from elementary school also had a few Visorak, which I liked to play with when I went over to his house, and my mother also bought one of my friends a Jaller Inika set for his birthday party. Looks like someone was bashing me over the head early on saying, "YOU NEED TO GET INTO THIS, NOW!!!"


I was just following the Slizer and RoboRiders until I found Onua. He's an insta-buy and I was into BIONICLE ever since.

Dang, well. I kinda knew of BIONICLE from the trailer for Mask of light, then I got a happy meal mantax. and then I got more into LEGO, started getting the catalogs, and saw the Glatorian. needless to say I wanted them. around that time I spent a lot of time on the website, playing the games, watching the clips. and getting hyped for the movie (it was coming out around my birthday) but I did not see it when it came out. but then HF came around (I thought it was a licensed theme, so of course I payed little attention at the stores.) I then got the magazine for HF, and fell in love. me and my siblings later had some money from chores, and my mom let us get some LEGO. of course I bought gresh stars, he was my favorite BIONICLE set, and one of the few they had left. so after buying gresh,and another set, I hurried to open gresh, but..all that was inside..was the golden armor piece..the instruction booklet....and a fake...raptor talon.

So, my mom took me to return it, and asked if they had any other BIONICLE. the lady said that they just got a huge box in the back. I stood there in awe, as they brought out the box. I dug inside, seeing that it was HF, but I did not care, I bought Furno 1.0 and my life was changed forever.

Yet around the time the leaks started happening (like, a few months before) I started to look into BIONICLE. after I found different BIO-tubers and TTV. as much as I hated BIONICLE's fans (the whole HF VS BIONCLE thing got on my nerves, as such I enjoyed HF, and did not really care much about BIONICLE) but..then the leaks came. the night of the black and white display, had my little brother crying. I was angry, the stupid BIONICLE fandom had complained, and had my precious HF taken away from me. I was in disbelief, and kept telling myself it was not true...but then the colored display came..

I tried to act angry, and sad, but I fell into the hype. and I was certainly a mess. on one hand, HF was over, the source of some of my fondest memories..was gone, ripped away... but on another hand, a huge group of people were returning. and when the attacks on G2 rolled about, I was defending it. when NYCC happened, I was so hyped, I swear I almost passed out from gasping so much. me and my brother had the legend trailer on non-stop repeat for the entire weekend. it was amazing. and because I had recently come onto the internet scene, it felt so good to be part of this fandom, I loved it. even if I tried to hate things about it, G2 really is the BIONICLE that I fell in love with, I prefer it over G1, and well, it is a different experience then HF. and right now, I am hyped beyond measure for 2016.

I guess sometimes you have to let things go, HF left, around the time I really started changing as a human being. and that fall, my life was changing. I was becoming older, and no longer the little child, rushing his favorite sets around, and making up stories. I was becoming a lot more. I was becoming a mediator a content creator, and more of a friend and social person. so...when it all changed..and I left so many things behind...HF went too...and now BIONICLE took its place.

(Sorry for the huge rant, I had a lot to say)


One of my friends bought me a Tahnok as a gift when he came over to my house..I believe I was 13....then the Rahkshi came out and I saw the hooked on them and the Toa Nuva.

I bought the 2010 bionicle stars Rahkshi, after which I went and read almost the entire Biosector wiki and then went and ordered stuff on Bricklink and eBay!

When I was in elementary school, my friend brought a bohrok. That Christmas I got Matau Hordika, which later fell apart, and the pieces were lost. So my parents got me a replacement. Same thing happened.

Then I got Zektan. I still have some of the pieces.

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Hey @Mesonak and @Eljay how did you guys get into bionicle