How do I delete a topic?

Too lazy to read the tutorial…lol

Is there any way possible to delete a topic? It’s either there’s no feature to do this, according to searching all of the options for a topic, or I’m being blind right now.

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You would usually summon or PM a mod to close it for you

Who would I PM? Can you list some mods please?

@Waj @Political_Slime @John_Smith @Chronicler



Yep, just give us a shout and we’ll close a topic for ya. Only Mods can close topics.

I suppose you could also tag TTV Cast Members, but they’re not as active.

also tag @legomaster1378, he’s a Mod too

oh and @Indigogeek…I think… is that guy even active?

/s luv ya indi



Oh, woah, now that’s ironic. Nice edit, Slime.

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Here’s your example :wink:

(Okay, I know this topic isn’t deleted, it’s just closed. But mods usually don’t delete topics. They usually close and un-list them, which means that only mods can post on the topic, and no one can see the topic unless they are linked to it)