How do people get on the Eljay Johnsen Show?

I know this question isn’t related to TTV, but nonetheless it’s a question for Eljay.

How do people get to discuss with you in the Eljay Johnson Show? Do you specifically invite them? Do they ask to discuss with you? How is that working?

You can ask him if you want I think, and if he thinks he can carry a conversation with you, then you might get accepted. The more common way though I think is if he asks you.


Good way to start is to spell it correctly. =P Johns e n.

Secondly, I have a submission form in the description of most of the recent episodes. You can apply there. But as MOCingbird said, you have to have an interesting perspective on something or topic you can carry a conversation with.


How do you get a reply whether you got accepted or not after completing the guest application?

If you’re wanted on as a guest, I’m sure you’ll know.