How do you feel about people handling your BIONICLE figures?

(I mean this in kind-hearted jest)

More seriously, that’s pretty much the opposite of the movie’s main thematic message. At the end of the film, Will Ferrel’s character gives up his strict control over his big layouts (represented rather brilliantly in the story by President Business’ mirco-managers) and learns how to play cooperatively with his son. They begin to create new stories together. Very similar themes also wind up being addressed in The LEGO Movie 2, only this time it’s a conflict between brother and sister.


It’s less lego and more transformers / gunpla but generally if it’s on display the only person touching it is me and even that’s rare. Lucky my family doesn’t have any kids or anything (unless dogs count) but I wouldn’t even let a kid look at my SOC power rangers display, G1 transformers, or really anything else.

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I tend to have creations dedicated for display, so the no touchy ones and ones more less dedicated to play, which I’d allow my younger family members to play with.

I discourage small children (my cousins most times) from taking stuff from shelf’s and just say they can build something from the tray and then battle (mostly narrate a battle, no actually smashing bionicles together). No one else besides kids want to touch the bionicles.

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My general rule is handle, play if you want- but keep an eye out if you’re going to use the launchers XD My niece and nephews and occasionally a coworker or two will play with my Bionicle and they’re all understanding enough that these are not normal toys and you know, that’s enough. I’m not going to be super broken up if an honest mistake happens because, generally, parts are not super expensive on any of my Bionicle sets I own.


I always have a panic mode whether they hold my mocs. In my mind it goes: “Don’t let it fall…” or “Don’t you dare break a piece”.

See, my sister likes to play with my Mocs. I think we’ve had our story going for almost six years now. Because of this, I design all my Mocs to be sturdy enough to survive most things. Several are just modified Inika builds, even.


Even just not touching the Mocs I’ve had issues with breaking.

Though then again I don’t have anyone touching my stuff other then me really. For me all this is if someone touches or if I ever have kids.

I pretty much have exclusive rights to handling my mocs, just in case.
I’m less worried with my system mocs because there’s less at stake durability wise, especially with my G1 joints, if something pops off it could have unfortunate consequences, such as joint pieces permanently snapping and a piece of my spirit being permanently broken.

It’s why I’m glad I don’t know any kids. My condo would look like a toy store to them. I cringe at entitled parents stories where the kids end up breaking “a silly toy.”