How Do You Plan On Improving Your MOCs With The New Pieces Coming Out?

Every year it seems like Lego comes out with some awesome new piece that you can't wait to get your hands on and use in a MOC. So this topic is for you to discus the changes you plan to make to your MOCs with new pieces.

For example I plan on using the new round shoulder pads on Obi wan in white on my selfMOC.

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Oh my gosh...

Sentinel VX/Vent will get new shoulder pads and legs

The female Vorox will get some new parts

JMP will get new armor

Derkayes will get new armor

and that's as far as I can think right now

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How Do You Plan On Improving Your MOCs With The New Pieces Coming Out?

Long and short answer; I don't.

I like to keep my Mocs the way they are when I officially consider them done.

My Mocs don't need no flashy new bling that comes out to look nice, I keep 'em old fashioned.

No offense but I completely disagree with what you just said stuck_out_tongue
A MOC is never done in my opinion...


I probably wont.

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I won't use them.

I keep new sets intact.

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The only new piece this year that I immediately jumped at the chance to own was the BIONICLE-styled add-on.

All the new pieces from the summer wave will be cool to have, but I don't see them as being essential to own. I could use the skull helmets and gunmetal armor pieces on an armored warrior design, and the new shoulder pads should find some use in a more streamlined, sci-fi MOC.

Does this thread also consider recolors?

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Sure why not.


I don't.

They'll be more of a train wreck than they already are


gonna use those star wars shoulder plates as the new Nuva Bewbs stuck_out_tongue

if you take this seriously, I feel sorry for you


funny, I was thinking of testing out the idea, but then I realised they only came in white, black, silver and orange(me thinks) so it'd be more or less limited then nuva/rahkshi bewbs cause those came in main colors while the shoulder pads only come in monochrome, silver and orange, which is limiting.


Ek's legs are finally getting fixed.



that's it



so like

I used to have this old tradition with hf

Where I changed my hero SM each year, to coorespond with the theme of hf, each year

so I will do the same for bionicle.

as for war stars?

The recolours will probably be used on new mocs
The lightsabers will probably be used.

the new parts
Will find a use

I feel sorry for jmp too.


dang it, I'm actually legitimately curious of how it will look now


Usually what I do with new pieces is leave them sitting around for me to look at for a while, then think how to use the parts after that amount of time.
For example, it took me forever to figure out what to do with the lime green add-on shells from Breeze Flea Machine.

The new shoulder armor will never replace Nuva bewbs expressionless stuck_out_tongue

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Except in the collections of those that don't have any Nuvaboobs to access.

Would say like me but I do have some, only in rather restricted colors

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My MoC is at the height of perfection and could never use any improving ever.

So I won't be.



I won't.
I'm not creative enough.
I must follow the instructions.


I want to see if I can integrate the new rounded orange shoulder pieces in to my self MOC. But I can't decide if it will look OK or not. I'm just going to have to get some and see.

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