How do you take photos of your MOCs?

Where do you take your pictures that you upload, what type of lighting do you use, anything else about how and where you take you

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When I take my photos I use my phone, 2 desktop lamps, and a blue lid for a container. I don't think they come up that great.. But I thought I would let you know. You can look at my MOCs to see how they came out.

On my desk, with natural light, in the morning.

I generally use my dad's phone for pictures because they always look great with that camera.

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Cool I have cleaned off a space on my desk that I have against a wall, and I will use a lamp depending on the light in my room.

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I have a light box that I can set up on my desk, alongside two desk lamps.

I used to just take the pictures with my phone, then I got an old camera, and used that. Now I just do this: Grab MOC. Go outside. Take a few pictures. Go inside. Upload MOC.

I don't just leave the door open obviously

I use my phone against a wall, usually standing on paper and I have two lamps angled at it (my desk and reading light). As long as you have a decent background and lighting you'll be fine.

I just make them with a phone of something else.

I used to use natural light and my phone, but since I have a nice white wall I use my room light, natural light and a desk lamp depending on the time

I use a portable mini-studio with four changeable backgrounds called Konig KN-Studio12. It has two spotlights and a camera stand. I use a two-second delay when taking pictures to avoid shaking (I let go of the camera to before it takes the shot).

I also edit my photos with Windows Photo Gallery before uploading them to web. Some modifications to strengthen the colors and cropping out empty space.

My windows aren't in a great place for me to use natural light, thats why I use multiple lamps.

True I need a second lamp for when it gets darker

I shoot during the day by a window or in my room where there is always sufficient light through the regular lighting. I just take a large black piece of construction paper and lean it against the wall, but leave a curve so that some is on the floor. Then I place the figure on the paper and take a photo, usually with Prisma. I have yet to actually upload any MOCs with Prisma filters, but I regularly use the paper. I'll put a picture up if I get time.

Please do

I use my phone, that I rest on a couple of books for stability. I choose the heights of the books based on the heights of the MOCs. I've used colored bandanna-like pieces of fabric as my backgrounds, before that, I used bedsheets and foamboards. I use natural lighting as much as possible. but I turn the blinds such that it's a little subdued.

I use my natural light white desk and my phone{got a new one so that's why I am being more active} or my computer to take pictures

I use a smartphone, with varying backgrounds (outside on our picnic table, my own white foamboards or the fireplace) I don't really use lamps, as I get enough light from the setup itself.