How does aging work?

Do MU inhabitants die of old age?
if so, how does this work? do their organic components die out, leaving an empty metal shell?


Don’t think so because no character explicitly was mentioned to have died of old age, but characters have died of natural causes so I don’t know exactly.


I think some species would like the skadi or vortixx might because they are more organic right?


Yes, and it is canon that Helryx has experienced a certain amount of aging, being described as “frail”, with “battle-scarred armor”.


Dying of old age hasn’t been a thing I believe. Takua/Takanuva is the oldest MU inhabitant iirc and still alive.
The Shadowed One is, due to Voporak contact, pretty old as well and the aging didn’t weaken him.
TSO seems to be in the same state in the Kingdom universe, which is set in the future.


Greg has suggested they could die of old age due to partially organic composition, but it would be a pretty long time. Any mechanical components could be replaced with new, and the protodermic organs are more durable than their Agori counterparts.

There’s also the case of organic protodermis growing back very rapidly with the Toa Mata, implying even significantly damaged tissue isn’t the end of the world for them


That reminds me that we may have actually seen a Matoran Universe being die (or at least come close to dying) of age-related issues. From Destiny War:

A four-armed warrior wielding a multi bladed axe bellowed at the sight of the thief and charged. Voporak reached out and grabbed his attacker. In a matter of seconds, the warrior aged tens of thousands of years before collapsing on the ground.

Of course, even if the warrior did die, it could be argued that it had to do with the fact that he essentially went tens of thousands of years without “eating”, rather than it just being an age thing.

That has less to do with her age and more to do with the experiences she has been through.


Also worth noting, even if MU inhabitants do age, they probably live at least as long as Spherus Magna natives. Raanu has one of the oldest confirmed ages of any character at just over 265,000, which Greg likened to being in his early sixties. So MU residents probably wouldn’t show significant aging until they lived 2-3 the age of their universe, at least.


To quote the legendary Bionicle Revolution: “when a heart beats long enough, it rusts.”


when I saw the title of this topic I assumed it just meant in general and not specifically within bionicle


You’ll understand when you’re older, @Heyzorks


The narration in Time Trap when TSO is thrown onto Voporak seems to imply death by aging, with phrases like “His final moments now a yawning chasm before him” and “He could not be sure how much time he had left in this life.”

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People have touched on the death of organic or failure of mechanical components already, but as a computer science student, but have we considered whether or not characters might die if their robotic brains encounter a crash of some kind? In particular, I imagine their memory will eventually run out, and they might end up getting a segmentation fault and crash - not to mention take longer for them to remember things due to the amount of memory to iterate through.


Greg was asked if makuta was immortal now.

Greg answered that everything has a life cycle. Makutas Gas form might have a ridicilously long life span and no need to sleep/eat but eventually they too would evaporate due to old age.

Since he said "everything’ then it means also matoran vortix etc

That is a one piece of time trap that should be retconned (and I do in my head canon)

TSO aged 3000 years and wemänt from his prime to a feeble old man (with his skills intact)

3000 years for a being who has lived 100 000 is equivalent of 50 year old human aging 1,5 years. Is it a shock? Yeah but nothing major.

Simply put they had not yet decided how long MU inhabitants live. Now it should be close to agin 300 000 years to be effective

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Man, that sounds painful, like “the Machine” in The Princess Bride. I do wonder, though, would aging in Bionicle affect a being’s appearance, or just their body’s abilities to work properly?

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I alway thought that when TSO was aged his black and yellow armor became more “woren”, a lot of small scratches and greyish.

Also his organic/metalic tubes and muscles would hang a little. Like old people skin would