How does the Matoran’s labour keep thee GSR functioning?

We know that the Matoran’s labour is what keep the Great Spirit Robot alive, and that if they stop, it ceases to function, but how does this work?
What I mean is that we saw a lot of jobs Matoran had in Metru Nui, but there’s none that seems to be about the Robot’s maitenance, but more like in real life, about providing essentials things, ressources and services, to your fellowman. Were other Matoran in Metru Nui doing things that really helped the GSR’s maintenance, but we just didn’t see them? If it’s the case, how was it covered, so they don’t know they were doing it for a giant robot? Or did Mata Nui just feed from the sheer energy the Matoran put in working?
Also, how do the Av-Matoran we see in the beginning of The Legend Reborn insert in that system? Those were clearly knowing what they were doing, and working for the functioning. What were these Matoran?

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I think the Matoran perfectly knew they are inside a giant robot.
On Mata-Nui they had simply no memory of it.
And after hundreds of thousands of years Turaga might have created more Matoran so that the civilisation and culture evolved, rather than the bare minimum of maintanance stuff. But this is how i envision it.

It’s fine to have that as a headcanon, but we know for sure that the residents of the MU did not know/remember that their universe was inside Mata Nui’s body.


Almost nobody knew. The Makuta, who are the most powerful, influential, Illuminati-like group in the Matoran universe, only found out due to Mutran’s meeting with Tren Krom.


You’re correct about the Makuta not knowing, though I would say the OoMN are more Illuminati-like than the Brotherhood.


That’s certainly a claim with some strong backing; I could probably be persuaded to change my mind. I say the Brotherhood is more Illuminati-like because they are (1) self determined rulers of the world (having assigned themselves islands and continents); (2) extremely powerful and influential; (3) even more mysterious–the name of the leader of the organization isn’t even known to Turaga Dume, the authoritarian leader of the most informed part of the Matoran universe.

You could rightly say that the Order of Mata Nui, in some regard, fulfills each of these three qualifications. They operate with impunity everywhere they go, have masterminded several significant events throughout history, and operate in total secrecy. The main difference is their aims. The Brotherhood embodies the modern image of the Illuminati as not only manipulating world events, but doing so in order to attain power and dominance. The Order of Mata Nui are pawns, albeit clandestine and powerful, of a greater mind.


To me, The Order of Mata Nui are kind of like the MU’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
I would indeed agree that the Makuta fit the illuminati description significantly better, being how evil they are.