How effective were the Vahki at fighting the Visorak?

How well organized and effective were the remaining vahki at fighting the visorak? Was there any form of remaining command structure left or were they just focused on killing everything? Did they have any success fighting the visorak? Did the Rahaga try to use them in their fight against the visorak or have any opinion on them?

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I would bet they went dormant after the city more or less shut down and the matoran were placed in stasis with there primary directive “removed” its unlikely they had any secondary tasks so shut down to conserve power.

The Vahki were actually overloaded by the Great Cataclysm, the energy overwrite their system, and to maintain order, the Vahki killed every living being. It was explained in the BIONICLE Adventures 7: Web of the Visorak.
And the Encyclopedia Updated revealed that every remaining Vahki were destroyed by the Visorak Horde.
This is from the BEU page 147:

aw well then. My lore around them isnt as expansive thank you for the link and clarification. That seems like a poor AI default lol they didnt think that one though to well… hence why AI even in our world needs super specific and redundant programing to prevent an outcome like that.

I remember one part of one of the books where a bunch of Vahki were disintegrated by Boggarak sonic hums and spinners. It’s unsurprising that they were quickly dispatched by Makuta’s spiders, given how overpowered the Visorak’s abilities could be. Bad matchup for the Metru robo-police.

As a side note, anyone else think the Visorak were OP? Boggarak alone could instantly kill most beings, but Keelerak were pretty destructive too.

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I was just about to bring this up, but specifically with Boggarak. Most of the others were dangerous, but not beyond the power levels you’d expect in the Bionicle universe for a highly invasive and dominant species (given how deadly even regular Rahi can be). They needed to be able to back up that terrifying reputation in a world full of crazy powers, so it makes sense they’re pretty dangerous.

But the Boggarak were something else. You literally only have to be within hearing range of them to be turned to stone or disintegrated. And they can evaporate living organisms instantly with their spinners (when on land, at least - in water you just “swell”, which I always found hard to picture for a bio-mechanical being. :stuck_out_tongue:)

Beyond, like, complete stealth tactics, mind control, or Sonic powers, it’s pretty hard to see effective countering techniques to them at all. Plus the fact that they were amphibious, and the most obedient species to Roodaka (who herself isn’t exactly emblematic of a balanced power set). They’re pretty nightmarish.


They had to have been able to hold their own for some time. However, the Visorak outclassed them in terms of abilities, power, and numbers. I believe that’s what lead to the Vahki’s destruction.