How Has BIONICLE Changed You?

Not sure if this is a topic yet, but if not, here it is! So. In what ways has BIONICLE affected you? When I got into it, I was around 4 years old. I can honestly say that BIONICLE shaped and molded who I am today. I would be completely different if I hadn’t got into it. (Before I tear up) How about you?


Same here. If it wasn’t for my love of BIONICLE I wouldn’t be passionate about learning how stop motion, CGI, and game design.

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I have no idea how much Bionicle has changed me, because it was always on par with Transformers for me as a kid, so I’m not sure which changed what aspect of me.


I like literally have an entire post about how BIONICLE changed me. I’ll link it here. But, in summary, BIONICLE has kinda defined me and it got me interested in art, and music, and storytelling and everything that I am currently interested in. Check out the post tho, because I got way too deep.

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it defined my creativity and I got into reading, and writing because of it, oh and it also was one of the big things me and my bro have in common, and I also started collecting the system sets because of it

its also a torture device for my family and friends, just lay some out on the floor and viola pain!
jk jk I dont do that on purpose


This is actually a really hard question for me to answer. I was 12 years old when Bionicle came out. I was the target age for it. I was already well into being a fan of lego, buying sets and building my own creations when it came around. What bionicle did though that nothing else had done was it got me completely invested into a story. I immersed myself as much as I could since I didn’t have a computer, I read the comics and unfortunately I could never find the books, and I’d watch the movies.

If it wasn’t for bionicle I probably would have outgrown lego and moved on to who know’s what. Bionicle kept me occupied and driven to build. And that aspect has changed my life and done a lot to shape who I am today. “Bionicle MOCer” is probably the biggest aspect that defines me as a person. That and being a musician. It also got me interested in writing in a way. At least it got me interested in character creation and development. I don’t really write so much cause I hate my prose writing. One thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t be who I am today without Bionicle. Its been a big part of the latter half of my life.


I was already a decently developed person before BIONICLE came full force to my life, so changes would have been minimal.

Although Constraction building (which was all BIONICLE parts back then) did prevent me from going through a dark age, as well as being the launching pad for actual MOCing, so if it wasn’t there…

Well I’m sure it’s changed me in more ways than I can think of off the too of my head. Bionicle cemented me as a collector at the age of 7, sure I collected other things before Bionicle (knex and Zoids) but this was the first thing I stuck with, until the end at that. There was just something so compelling about it.

It really shaped my life as a kid, and brought new friendships into my life, and I’m grateful for that. Hopefully upon it’s return it opens the door to great new places!

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BIONICLE was my childhood.

'nuff said.


It got me into story telling, and I’m now a writer. Piece that together.

Without Bionicle I wouldn’t be such a loser. Thanks, Denmark.


I wanna see the TTV crew respond to this thread.

@Mesonak, go poke the others and you all respond please. * puppy dog eyes*

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Seeing as I grew up with it, it’s probably not changed me so much as influenced my development.

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Technically they all answered this topic in 110 of the Podcast, before this topic even existed. They all talked about their first experience, and how it changed them.

All of them except AwesomenessBorn had something to say on the matter.

awesomenessborn? what does he have to do with that?

He was on that episode of the podcast…>.>

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but he isnt part of ttv 3rdeye asked for the ttv crew!

Look, bro, I was simply explaining the contents of the podcast episode itself.

I really don’t think it matters, the point you’re trying to make here.

my question is why did you mention the guest? he is well the guest…3rdeye asked for ttvcrew and a guest isnt part of the ttvcrew, you mentioning awesomenessborn was stupid as it didnt do anything as he asked for the ttvcrew

Okay, to be fair, Viper, Exx, and Ven(And Invi, but he’s absent from everything) were all absent from that Podcast, just to preface this.

Secondly, when I said “All of them” I mean everyone in that episode, I felt it would be good to mention him, because the storytelling was part of what happened in the episode.

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