How It All Began

How did you first get into Bionicle? And what are some of your favorite memories?


I got my Huki when my brother had ones of his birthdays in Holland. We got Multiple Hukis, so I could practically make a Matoran Nui with all those Hukis.

My favorite memories was when I started my adventures with my self-MOC, Fatorak, as a child. Fatorak (at the time) was the brown Bohrok-Va with Huki’s head and feet. Fatorak lead his little band of Hukis to fight bad guys like the Bohrok and the Makuta.

Eventually, Vakama, Whenua, and Onewa came along and helped Fatorak and his Merry Matoran fight the Vahki and other bad guys, and even stopped Visorak when the Toa where mutated.

I finally stopped doing these things when we collected the 2006 sets, and we focused on re-enacting the story for that year. The more we got sets, the more we would play with them. However, some of our sets broke apart, and a new Era for Fatorak began…

And I eventually started making new adventures with my brother. The Toa of Karhi Nui began, and they defeated foes like the Kranish, the dreaded King Karhi (which is now Quarix, BTW) and the Dark Hunters who invaded Karhi Nui. I decided to chronicle such events as I now write stories on the Custom Bionicle Wiki, which lead me to discovering TTV, which lead me to here.


I saw my big bro buying them
And here I am today 10 years later


I actually got into Bionicle at exactly the same time as I did Pokemon, two franchises I still love to this day. I lived in Italy at the time, and we were just about to get on a plane to move to America when my Dad handed me a bag. inside was a Gameboy Advance SP with Pokemon Sapphire, and alongside it were the first four Bionicle books.


When I was 2 back in 2001, my brother got me and him Kopaka and Lewa. We’d keep getting sets ever since.

I got into right when it began in 2001. Having become a Lego-maniac thanks to some early sets, I sent away for the Lego magazine with the postcards they used to have in old sets. The second Lego mag I ever received contained the first Bionicle comic, The Coming of the Toa. I was hooked instantly. I spent hours looking at the center ad insert of all six Toa. I remember being particularly being intrigued by the tri-scope piece on Kopaka’s mask. Got Tahu as my first set and the rest was history. Followed the franchise its entire length and I’m really excited to see what’s next in 2015.


I was at LEGOLAND California in '04, and I went into the huge store they had there, and I saw that there were these new (New to me at least, I was only four years old :P) action figures from LEGO! I immediately picked up the white one (Nuju Metru) because I liked the way his face looked. We got back to the hotel and my dad built him for me. Fast forward to '06 and I learn that Bionicle has one of the biggest and most interesting stories I had ever seen, and I was immediately hooked.


My story goes like this. I was in a mall with my Mom, sister, and grandparents, and they were shopping around while I was bored out of my skull. I look over to a shelf and Bionicle was there and I was like woah! I already knew Lego (I had this bin of bricks that seems to have spawned a plague ) and whatever this is, it had to be cool. So my Mom buys me this brown and silver guy. We get back to my grandparents house and I build him. I turn him into a ball and roll him around. It was amazing for a little kid my age. I was hooked on the story ever since.

I really didn’t do much MOCing, preferring to keep the sets together and act out the story. But around 2012, I discovered the Bionicle forum on the Lego Message Boards and I join the RP there as a Toa of Fire. So I says to myself, “I wonder what my Toa looks like?” So I built different versions over a period of two years, which has spawned a story epic, expanded my building abilities, and encouraged me to stay on this path.


I originally bought my first set (Matau Metru) in late 2004. I was enthralled by the ball-joint design, and ended up getting most of the Vahki for Christmas. My fondest memories though were when I bought Nidhiki, Krekka, and Nivawk sets. I took them apart and built the Ultimate Dume model and rebuilt that set repeatedly (To the point where I didn’t need the instructions). However, my true love of the series came when I discovered the storyline in late 2005. My first book was Adventures #5, and I was so thoroughly confused by it that I had to go order the first four adventures books so it made sense. And…it didn’t. I then was shocked to find that Bionicle actually had been going for three years before I got into it, and that’s when I began collecting the Mata and reading Chronicles.

I was so disappointed when Bionicle came to an end (I actually kept up with the story serials all the way to 2012, even though no new updates were posted). And of course, I’m uber hyped for it’s return.


I carried over from Throwbots and Roboriders.


My Grandmother bought me a Turahk back in '03 and the craze caught on. I’ve loved Bionicle ever since.

I got Rorzakh and the purple Knight’s Kingdom dude at Chuck E. Cheese’s back in 2004. I used to make the purple Knight’s Kingdom dude the good guy, and Rorzakh the bad guy. It was kind of like the Glatorian arena before 2009, I made an arena and sat my minifigures, Power Rangers and Star Wars action figures on some seats, and have Rorzakh and the Purple Knight’s Kingdom dude duke it out on the arena. However, over time, they both got torn apart. Now I am trying to buy them again on Amazon to relive the good old days.


One of my first sets that I can remember was the black Rahkshi. I thought he was so cool, as this was back when they did stuff with gears and things. My next few sets were from the Metru era. Matau, Ndhiki, Lhikan…Etc, etc. I was hooked after that. Watched all the movies and everything.

You just accidentally told my story in it’s entirety. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok so here’s what actually happend… I saw a lego exo-force set and instantly wanted it. My cousin had shown me all about lego and I was already obsessed so for my first set I got that. There was a advertisement for the lego magazine so naturally I signed up. When my first magazine came I read it at least 5 times through and what do you know, Bionicle! Quickly after that I began spending all my money on lego but I never bought any Bionicle. Probably not even a year later for my birthday I got a lego Bionicle. The white Rahaga to be exact (forget name) and ever since then I spent my money on Bionicle and as I got older I got more and more attached to the story and now I’m here. ~Detox

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I went up to my cousins after my birthday in 2003 and they bought me Kohrak for my birthday! I literally had no idea what it was and just straight up asked them “is it a robot?”

And from that day forth my quest to buy all the bionicle’s began


Lol. Really? DId you get Adventures #5 first too?

The first book I read was Trial By Fire, whichever number that was.

That was Adventures #2. I still have that one, somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

See here.