How long will gen-2 of Bionicle last?


I think they will do what they did with chima and make it 4-5 years then see if people want it


it would be so awesome if it would last 10 years smiley Imagine....and then in 15 years they bring it back again....Bionicle4life


I'm hoping for a run longer than the first one, and actually think it's likely as Lego can combine what went right with Gen 1 and what went right with Hero Factory.

It'll last as long as LEGO can earn da cash money holla holla get dolla

My guess would be five years probably if it does good, more if it does really good.


If everyone on this sight were to purchase the entire first wave, and then diligently continue to buy a decent amount of sets, Lego would likely continue it for a very long time indeed.

Hopefully long enough for a new interesting storyline to take place

I had an idea... Well I know I'm doing this. I don't have a job so it is hard for me to come by money but if I save up enough money say 150 or 100 and buy a bunch of Bionicles from he first wave of 2015 then it may show lego that we love bionicle coming back thus keeping bionicle around longer. That is if a bunch of people do this). ~Detox


I'm personally going to be saving up. Although with both the new Pokemon game and Super Smash coming out, I may fail in that effort


I wonder if Bionicle "elites" will rant when gen 2 ends.

I'm betting on a minimum of 3 years. If Hero Factory got 5 years, then I'm sure BIONICLE 2.0 can probably accrue more than that.



I like how it's Bionicle G2, like Transformers stuck_out_tongue

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i have 400 dollars and I'm
going to buy them all

I'm betting five. I doubt it's going to make it to another 10, but it would be great if it did.

Will you do HF autopsies if HF fans rant?

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It will probably get a great start, as the fanbase has been going crazy since the leaks, so I would say a minimum of five. Any less, and I would be suprised.

dont worry omegatitanlordofskullspiders is onle 10000000 dollars

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And MLP. And Pokemon.

I honestly think it'll last until 2020. It makes sense to me, a total of five years (2015 winter-2020 winter). It'll be a nice return, but I doubt it'll last as long as the first wave did. I'd be glad if it only lasted 5 years again, it'll bring it back with some good sets, maybe have a 2015-2016 plot with the Toa Nuva, 2017-2018 plot with a new Toa team, and then reign it in during 2019-2020 with a final plot that ends it all on a good note.

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But... G2 of Transformers was filled with Hippe colours and Good articulation.

Not the kibblish, Shelf warming Bumblebee's we get Nowdays.

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