How many characters know about Tuyet's crimes?

Tuyet murdered three Matoran and blamed the Dark Hunter’s for it on The Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet, but by the end of the serial only Lhikan and Nidhiki knew what happened and nothing is said about whether they told the Matoran about it or they kept it for themselves and Turaga Dume. We know that the Order of Mata Nui members know about it and the Brotherhood of Makuta knew about it too. However, even if Lhikan and Nidhiki had told the Matoran about Tuyet’s crimes, after the mass amnesia that Teridax induced on the Matoran, they would’ve forgot her and her crimes. When Vakama told the Metru Nui stories, he omitted Tuyet’s existence. Even Matoro, who as translator of Nuju knew a lot of secrets that the Turaga never told the Matoran and Toa Nuva, didn’t know who Tuyet was or what she did when he met her body in the Pit, though her mask sparkled some lost memories on him. Therefore, that may suggest that the Toa Metru didn’t know about her murders, or they did know but never discussed them with Matoro present. The last paragraph of the Tuyet serial states about her and I quote " As with so many things in life, the full truth will never be known … and those who still remember her are invited to believe whatever lets them sleep more peacefully at night." Though this refers to what happened with Tuyet after the imprisonment, it may also suggest that Lhikan, Nidhiki and Dume preferred to keep the secret in order to avoid a generalized loss of faith in the Toa, even if that meant lying saying she was murdered by the Dark Hunters or something like that, and that’s all what the Matoran, including those who would eventually become the Toa Metru and Turaga of Mata Nui, ever knew about her disappearance. But, what do you think? I’m particularly interested because I’m planning a fanfic continuation on the Bionicle story, that may or may not see the light someday, where Tuyet plays an important role, and it would be very helpful to know how the knowledge and evidence of her past crimes would impact the outcome of the story.


Well there’s Tuyet.


Are you sure.


tl:dr I am quite convince turaga know about tuyet and he crimes but I can’t prove it 100%. If lhikan revealed the story I am convinced other lands heard about it but probably did not care much since in the vast universe a rogue toa does not make that many waves. I think.

In reign of shadows Hafu meets tuyet and rememebrs the name: “something to do with Lhikan, but he could not rememeber the tale”

To me this always meant Hafu could have a faint recall to pre mind wipe life but nothing more. He would rememeber the tale if turaga or chronicler would have told it to him within a year since finding out toa could be evil would be shocking and memorable.

I also believe when turaga told the story of metru nui, they would only tell about their adventures and not every story they knew. Rogue toa nidhiki was probably mentioned but not tuyet since nidhiki appeared but tuyet did not in toa metrus adventures. tale of already dead foe would have to wait another time.

Were the full truth of tuyet told to the matoran of metru nui? I believe Tuyets crimes was told to all the matoran in the city of Metru Nui. Unless Turaga Dume and Nidhiki convinced Lhikan otherwise which would not sit well with him. I can’t prove for nor against. So it is possible Hafu was not told tuyet killed the matoran and he recalls faintly tuyet because she was toa of water in lhikans team.

If toa tuyets crimes were revealed they probably did not go that far away from metru nui. Toa going rogue is not big news in the vast universe they inhabit and story of nui stone and her plans would be omited slowly as story is told if they are mentioned at all. either because disinterest or because they did not want to inspire anyone else.

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Unless you’re a Toa of Water with a Nui Stone :wink:

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I doubt Lhikan has a strong commitment with truth. After all, the three virtues are Unity, Duty and Destiny. If they believe a hard truth can break those virtues, lies are justified. It’s not unprecedented, the Turaga never said anything about Metru Nui for 1000 years, and even then, Vakama saved the Hordika story to the Toa Nuva only, and the Time Trap to himself.


Does this mean that the end scene for Bionicle 3 is non-canon?

Depending on your morals, there’s a distinction between “being dishonest” and “not sharing everything”.

Source: I do not like to tell lies, but I also don’t tell people everything that’s going on, especially if I don’t trust them enough.

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