How many fingers will the new sets have?

As we all (or most of us) know, Bionicle had 4 fingers (in glatorian hand mold and all movies), but the new hero factory systems hands have 5, so what do you think? If it's still 5, it will really bug me atleast.

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I want to ask, WHY ON EARTH DOES IT MATTER?? ( or should i say "why on Spherus Magna does it matter". im not sure...)


Probably five fingers. I believe they will be using the same hand pieces that the Hero Factory sets use.



Or what if they go back to using the traditional hand pieces? They use them in some Hero Factory sets, but I'm still not sure if they'd be willing to go for that just to evoke nostalgia.

Six. Guaranteed.

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I wonder if Lego would use the same pieces that were used for the hands from HF's Invasion From Below line.

You know, the same pieces that were on the Queen Beast and Rocka's stealth machine.

Or maybe they could use Hydraxon's build.

Omega Tahu will have five, but i'm not sure about the other guys. Probably five because of the Hero Factory hands

Ok, since this turned into a serious topic...look at the top with the picture of Tahu reaching for the mask. He has 5 fingers. They wouldnt advertise 5 fingers if the sets had 3 or 4. What i would really like to see are moveable fingers, but that wont be the case. just looking at the hand piece on the sets (specifically tahu) you can tell it is more of a single piece than a complex build. One other thing, if that black mask in the background is Teridax returning for revenge, i will not be happy. how many times does he have to die before he gets the message!? i agree with Omega_Tahu about the fingers thing

I think they (LEGO) will be using the 5 fingered hands because they have the moulds for those, and probably alot of Bionicle moulds were thrown away!

12 fingers. ON EACH HAND.

  1. bionicles always had four fingers, in the movies, in the sets, in the titans.... four fingers garanteed

Two fingers and a thumb. That's what the Tohunga had, the original Toa had the two fingers on their left hand. That's how I build my MOCs at least. Two fingers and a thumb. Except my Onua Revamp who has his three claws and a thumb.

i use the two finger thing too, on, like, dark hunters and matoran, but i use four fingers for titans, so i still stick to the 4 fingers rule

Same as HF I believe.

Not sure about which sets you're mentioning, but as for the movies.
1, 2, 3, 4, count 'em, 4 fingers and a thumb. Five fingers total, not four.


Isn't it obvious?... 7 on the left hand, 4 on the right, doesn't everyone have that?


i dont like you anymore. smile

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