How Many Posts Have You Read?

27.0k posts read

I dont like reading, out of that I have probably read 100 or less

No joke, I've almost read less than anyone who's posted in here thus far. And I joined the boards less than a month after they opened.

12.5 thousand posts read.

26.7k posts read. Not as many as I thought, honestly...

24.0k posts, Not that much sadly

don't know how i got that number as currently it says 34.5k posts read

20.4k read or scrolled through blindly.

I suspect the calculation changed because now my profile indicates closer to 20K

That may be the result of mass deletion of PMs that only old farts know much about.


42.4K not bad if I do say so myself

74.2k posts.

Wow, I'm pretty sure I read the bulk of that, I don't scroll through that much.

Now it's 44,305


Or maybe it doesn't count PMs and it used to?



"77.0k posts read"



After seeing some of these answers I was feeling really small with 9.8k but then I saw I was third place in TTV behind LJ (24.3k) and Jon (10.7k) . Me being gone for a while doesn't help I guess : P


In my defense, I joined the Message Boards about 78 days ago, and my average time here and on BZP per day is only about one or two hours, maybe three if I lose track of time.



74.8k? But I've been here since August 2014?

You had some large breaks

(And PMs don't count anymore)

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