How many sets do you have, and what do you do with them?

So guys, just wondering how many Lego sets and MOCs you actually own(ed), and what you do with them (display, scrapped for parts, in attic, etc).
You may also post where you got certain sets.

Doesn’t have to be restricted to Bionicle sets.

I personally keep my MOCs up on display on my bookshelf and rarely “play” with them (for fear that certain parts may come loose). I kept some of the original Bionicle sets I got from Value Village intact (for nostalgia’s sake), and occasionally play around with their gear functions when I get bored.

I own 20 Bionicle Mocs, 14 actual intact Bionicle sets, and a few System trinkets. I also have plenty of spare parts that I keep in Bionicle/Hero Factory canisters.

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I currently own only one MOC (Koza), and I have no idea how many sets I currently own. Let’s just say, I have four large totes full of only constraction parts.


I think a topic like this already exists? “Official Show Your Bionicle Collection” topic. @Nyran, @MT_Zehvor, @Wajknight, should this one be merged with that, or should it remain a separate topic: one for showing off your collection, and one for talking about what you use your collection for?

I’ve posted my collection there already.

I own 19 sets from 04’
2 from 05’
1 from 01’
2 from 02’
5 from 15’
So 29 intact
and I have 4 MOCs.
A majority of my 07’-10’ BIONICLE sets are apart along with my HF sets.

I haven’t been on those topics, but it seems that this is about your lego collection “as a whole” instead of just Bionicle

I really can’t name every set I’ve gotten, but I can name my star wars ones off:
Larger sets:

  • 10026-1 Naboo Starfighter
  • 7660 Naboo N-1 Starfighter and Vulture Droid (Haven’t we gotten this ship enough?)

-502-2 X-Wing Fighter Dagobah
-6212 X-Wing Fighter (Again, we get this ship way too often)

-7150 TIE Fighter and Y-Wing
-7146-1 - TIE Fighter

-7163 Republic Gunship

Smaller Sets:

-7667 Imperial Dropship
-8084 Snowtrooper Battle Pack
-4485 Mini Sebulba’s Podracer & Anakin’s Podracer
-30057 Anakin’s Podracer [mini]
-9675 Lego Planets Sebulba’s Podracer
-30056 Mini Star Destroyer
-8028-1 Mini TIE-Fighter

Almost every single one is disassembled :smile:

Most of them are dismantled and used for MOCing. However, some of the titans and the Inika and Piraka are in storage. I don’t want to take apart my Inika. :stuck_out_tongue:

For BIONICLE, that is.


Oh, I missed that. “All” Lego sets. My bad.

Carry on.

I shall post my entire Lego collection here as well as what I do with them, if you are prepared for a massive text block.


I have two 56 Gallon totes in storage that are stuffed full of Bionicle sets and merch, while I have about 20-30 gallons of system as well. I currently have a huge MOC castle in the corner of my room, along with the 2006 Slave I and the McDonald’s Nepol.

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A lot.

Although Tahu and PoF are the only ones intact.

In short: Not enough, and I MoC. :laughing:

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My one Hero Factory set, Meltdown, is currently up in the top shelf of my closet, guarding all the canisters I’ve managed to recover. I should probably pull him apart; there are some useful pieces there. Most of my G1 sets are in MOCS or in my color-coded compartmentalized Piece drawer (it’s a big drawer) but I do have Lhikan, three of the Toa Metru, all twelve Bohrok, Dekar, and some Vahki assembled. I’m also fairly certain there are a bunch of sets still up in the attic; I need to get those when I eventually move out.

As far as system goes, I had a bunch of Harry Potter sets, (mostly from the Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber Of Secrets lines) one of the Robot mechs (Vulture Drone, I think) from Exo-Force, and nearly all of the Life On Mars sets. I have a couple of System MOCs using pieces from those that I need to put up sometime; most of the remaining is either in a small bucket in my closet, mixed up with my little brother’s Ninjago pieces, or probably also in the attic.

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I lost count after 50, and they’re mostly in pieces in tubs waiting to be MOCed.


A lot

Not much anymore

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I recently started up a project where I’m going to rebuild all my old BIONICLE sets.

I’m torn between being a MOCist and keeping the sets together, sometimes.

But I tore apart all my HF sets the second HF’s end was confirmed.


I legitimately have too many system sets to count.

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All the sets that we’ve bought? Probably nearing 500-600 now.

All the sets that are still put together? About 75.

Did I really bother to count? Not really.

So was this accurate? Probably not.

But I do have a heckuva lot.


think I owned 29 official sets

I eventually turned them into parts

I lost count of how many sets I owned years ago.

I have a couple of sets still intact (2 Lord of the Rings sets and 3 Mixels) simply because, once I moved into BIO-MOCing, I had no need to scrap them as I usually did for sets. All my BIONICLE and Hero Factory sets eventually get scrapped, but I leave them together for a short time.

I have an entire wall filled with drawers full of system, with BIONICLE MOCs standing on top of them, and one huge roll-out drawerful of BIONICLE parts. Although I’m planning to cut some of my system parts that I never use and begin sorting out those BIONICLE parts in those drawers.


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