How much do you spend on Bionicle?

How much money do you spend on Bionicle?

I spend virtually all my money on Bionicle (minus Red Bull lol). I’m sort of broke now, as I must keep a continuous flow of money in my life savings and there’s none left for Bionicle. Honestly though, Bionicle is more important to me than a future car.

My Bionicle collection is really small ,as I scrapped all the bad/very used condition sets to build MOCs and sell. I’m currently building up my 2001-2005 collection, and that means Krana, Kraata, Kanohi, Rhotuka spinners, and Kanoka disks too, which is painstakingly expensive and hard to find NEW on Bricklink sometimes.

How are you guys holding up money wise?

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The last time I bought Bionicle was g2, most of my budget goes towards transformers.

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I sped all the money I have on old LEGO, but Bionicle being the main focus. I always look up fot good deals, and when one pops up, I act quick to get it. I should get Tahnok and Nuhvok soon enough.

Most of my money goes into Lego and Transformers.

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I’m trying to collect the Masters, but I’ll rarely pay for used over how much they cost when they came out.

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I’ve spent maybe $130 or more this year.


I spent like $100 on just parts…

I only did one buy of bonkles, and it was fairly large.

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#####nothing because i have every set i want
except vezon

also I’ve only made 3 bricklink orders and those were all 2 years ago, and only were about $10


I should also mention that I bought G2 Master Kopaka…

Great set.
I loved it.

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A good majority of my original G1 sets were gifts, and I don’t know how many I actually have as most of them are disassembled.

I bought all of my own G2 sets, and I’d estimate I spent about $200+ on those.

The one Master I don’t have…

The only master I got at retail.

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You could have got rare/limited edition sets for that amount…

I should also point out that half of all the Bionicle sets I have I got this year…

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