How Old do You Think the TTV Podcast Members Are?

I could tell you… But I won’t.


Takuma has to be the oldest.

Alright, one of those must be Kini, so here’s my guesses (And this is a year later, so just add 1 to each of them):

16: Viper (As it’s been stated she’s the youngest)

17: Meso (As it’s been stated he’s the second youngest)

18: Var

18: Kini

19: Ven

19: Kahi

19: Eljay

21: Exx

25: Takuma

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Takuma basically confirmed that he’s 24-25 when he said that he’s an 80s kid by the slimmest of margins in “TTV Talks about Television”.

And not a single person thought to check our BZP profiles… lolz


Quick!!! To BZP!!


Wait, what are there profiles?

I mean, I would check their BZP profiles, but I’m too lazy. At least I know Var and Meso’s real names from their Steams.

What are the BZP profile names?

I can say those kinds of things because I’m a fully functional adult

I work two jobs and go to college. I used to work four jobs and go to college. I’ve been in college for over four years, going on five. Do the math.

I’ve had my age up on BZP since forever, I’ve tweeted stuff on Twitter…heck, I have a public Facebook profile that you can follow that shows my age, location, job history and whatever else. Not that hard to figure out.

But that kind of research takes effort, so I get it.


Stalking people is hard, especially when you can’t afford military grade binoculars


What ARE your BZP profile names anyway?

@LelouchViBritannia That makes 2 of us. Google Maps doesn’t make it any easier. /s

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“Ishgud, imma fully fluntionlly audit.”

That’s how I imagine you’d say those words, since the fully functional adult that you are can’t really say words well. =P


Well I thought you were 20, based on an instagram post you made, and how you’ve said in podcasts earlier this year that you were 19, but from the statement you just made, it would appear that you are 22-24. My brain hurts.

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Sorry, I guess my mouth is full of the food that I feed myself with. You know. With my job. Like a true American. :sunglasses:

Well, for what it’s worth, your estimate would be correct. If I was, you know, an average person. :stuck_out_tongue:


Kahi you’re the best, especially with that burn. :sunglasses:

Ah yes! You were homeschooled. As a homeschooler myself, I do take some college level courses even now in 11th grade. So, with that, I think my head canon will still stay at 20, the age I’ve heard you state that you are. :smirk:

Kahi is also an escaped demon who came with eljay.


I’m pretty sure Takuma’s 25, due to the following quotes:
“I’m an 80s kid! By like… 20 hours!”
“I consider myself an 80s kid and I was only there for 2 days.”
“I’m Takuma, and someone should buy me an armadillo for my 25th birthday.”


You forgot that he said in a podcast/Talks from this summer, “I’m turning 26 in a couple monthes”.