How organic is the organic dermis tissue

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Um when they say that organic protodermis is basically the MU skin and muscle tissue and essentially better than magnaian muscle tissue, I’m struggling trying to picture it because in a big story project I,m scribbling focused on trying to tie up stuff like Velika and the barraki-dark hunter alliance gaaki gets stabbed. And my brain isn’t clicking I will use several pictures for examples of possible organic dermis tissue?

Example A.


This is what I think. But does anyone know or have better examples of the organic protdermis tissue?


i uh

question why your examples are Roodaka related… though mere coincidence

Assuming it’s like how it is, metal

I assume it’s like flexible metal, but only functionally, physically I assume it is metal-ish/armor-ish


I’ve always assumed that it was similar to Colossus’ organic-metal skin that he takes on when in his metal form.


I think it’s sorta like silicon and how that can form living things (potentially). It’s organic, but not as we know organic things to be.


Dont post Dems art, she will get pissed about it because artistic integrity blah blah whatevers elitist stuff. Trust me, its not worth having her art placed even if you are having it as an example for the thread and even if the name is placed in the arts description.


@JMP Honestly I couldn’t find possible dermis tissue for gali even though I think there might be some somewhere

@TeslaEffect Okay :3, I kinda bender the deviant code because this was one of the better examples but yes

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I much prefer the recent official Bionicle interpretation of how the body should look like.


And, I must say, LEGO’s official interpretation is very much Bayformers-esque, more machine than organic (based off the first picture).
Also, so much Roodaka fan art… >.<

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I tend to imagine Biomechanical beings as something like a space marine except instead of undergoing a conversion into a simultaneously organic and mechanical being they are “born” that way.

For reference: