How people change...

So, I never got a deviant art account, I was always a little scared of the place and the guy hates the Mistika like the plague, but my good friend Coolcar161 did! I convinced him to ask @AidanBionicle1 about things on his Deviant art account, his answer honestly amazes me

“In retrospect, I was certainly rude, but understandably I was upset to a great deal of a degree that I couldn’t then and still cannot put into exact words now to describe, beyond comparing it to a raging nuclear tornado if such a thing were to exist that is. Still, it was several years ago, coming upon five years now, I’ve seen the many faults of TTV take their toll on the whole of their branding and community, to the point where they (according to hearsay as far as I know) had banned or severely punished members who simply disliked or disagreed with their take of what was essentially their G3 mockup of sorts…”

This is TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika, BBC News

I find it interesting that he believes this, seeing how so few of the members actually are devoted to the project in the current.

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AidanBionicle1? I haven’t heard that name for years…

For an indication of what behavior led to his being banned, I direct you to this topic, in which he actually asks why people disliked him and got answers. This is a ride, I tell you, beginning with a few members telling him why people have issues with him - he was rude and immature, and attempted to be explicit. and a few people called him out for swearing in a post. He insisted that because it was ‘his’ topic, he got to set the rules for that topic, before staff came and swiftly clarified that it was their site.

From what I gathered reading his response - which I’ll include below to save a few people a click - he still bears a grudge against TTV, and he doesn’t see apologizing for his immature actions as important as maintaining that grudge. The “I did X… but” clause implies to me that he still don’t consider himself worthy of punishment. This isn’t to say that TTV has been blameless, though, as we saw during the incident of Eljay’s firing and subsequent revelations about Kahi.

As for how much he’s changed… I can only hope that he has matured a lot since then. Seeing his old posts compared to how collected his response was in January, it certainly seems plausible. While I don’t think he’ll ever be allowed back on the message boards - not that he’d want to be, likely - I hope he’s truly learned from his mistakes and finds success elsewhere.

Aidan’s response -


So I’m going to shut this topic down mainly because

While it’s nice you were able to contact him, I feel like this topic could get gossipy and as such I am closing it down