How Skull Scorpios Are Similar to Actual Scorpions

What do these two creatures have in common?

A lot more than their names, that’s for sure.

In Episode 14 of the BIONICLE animations, the Skull Scorpios make their first appearance in G2 canon. However, I noticed that once Lewa jumps on top of Ekimu’s tomb, the Scorpios squint, apparently not able to see him – that is, until light reflects off of his mask. I was curious about this particular detail, so I did a little research.

After a quick Google search, I found, which gives some facts that answered my question, and provided some interesting parallels between some other traits that these two possess.

Theses facts answered my initial question:

  • The Scorpion doesn’t have good vision in spite of the fact that it has so many eyes. They have at least 6 but they can have as many as 12.
  • They use the sense of smell to find food and to hide from danger.
  • They rely on vibrations from their surroundings to help them determine what is taking place in their environment.
  • a Scorpion is able to tell the difference between light and dark.

While the Scorpios only possess two eyes, these facts prove that the Scorpios senses are similar to a real scorpion, at least in this respect. This also explains why they didn’t notice the Toa’s presence until Tahu steps on a random bone, which the Scorpios notice the vibrations from. However, there are other similarities between the two species:

  • There is fluorescent in the Scorpion that is believed to be part of the molting process but really is unknown.

The Skull Scorpios’ trans neon greenish yellow and trans neon reddish orange do seem to glow slightly due to being neon, and this is especially noticeable when you shine an LED flashlight on them, or use UV light. Something similar happens with actual scorpions. When a black scorpion is placed under UV light, it glows blue.

Another interesting similarity:

  • The Scorpion loves to live around rocks, sand, and trees. However, they are very adaptable and have been found living in some very unusual places.

The Scorpios can be found living a graveyard, which is definitely unusual. Although, considering they used to be dead, it makes sense.

While the last two are most likely just coincidences, the first one was definitely on purpose. I’m very glad Merlin Mann & the BIONICLE animation team included these details, because it’s good to have some sort of tie to the IRL creature that the Skull Scorpios are based on. If there are any similarities I missed or forgot, please let me know.


Good research!

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Thanks! :smiley:

I never noticed that the Scorpios squinted, and I just though the “light” beams on Lewa’s mask were just showing Lewa being surprised. Good eye!

I guess it shows that the Lego animation team did their own research and tried to incorporate that into the animations, which shows that they put effort into adding character to some of these villains :smile:


This is good research!
I didn’t know this until now.
Good Game Lego.


GG, indeed.

I would’ve never done research on Bionicle stuff. You, @Toa_BionicleFactory, are the man of the year, by far.

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nice research. The only thing I can think of that you didn’t mention was that they both have six legs, two claws, and a tail…

You probably already knew that.

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I think he did :wink:

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Me neither, at least not at first. I only noticed when I watched it the third or fourth time.

Thanks so much, guys! :smiley: Glad you found my research helpful and/or interesting.

Yep. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Absolutely Brilliant Deduction.


That, my good sir, is Willess12 level of analysis, and I applaud you.BBBB55


This whole thing may be a coincidence but even if it is that was a nice amount of logic you used there.


I did some research of my own, from a decommissioned science textbook someone got fired for publishing as official, and realized several things we all missed as well.

Many spiders have a “Queen” or “Lord”, that rule over the smaller ones. These “drones” have little resemblance to the queen, but will follow it’s lead whenever they can for food and safety.

Seems common enough, right? I kept reading, here is what I found:

These drones will latch themselves on the faces of villagers, taking over their minds and redirecting the will to the Queen spider.

Oh my! But the resemblance doesn’t stop there!

Spiders spit webs from their mouths, and have an intense desire to serve evil beings.

Evil beings? Sounds familiar, right?

Scientists have managed to gain the favor of the Lord of spiders by offering them golden masks, shaped in the likeness of a skull.

I’m starting to think Lego is just copying science textbooks at this point, for in the biology section, it reads, and I quote:

Skeletons are spooky and scary, and tend to send shivers down your spine



it seems after the bad reception of the set, lego is trying to do as much as possible to create an awesome fleshed out character (for a rahi might i say)

nice eye and good recearch :smile:

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Big thanks again, guys! I’m actually surprised so many people replied.


That whole thing was a joke, right?

Next connect the nui rama with a dragonfly

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That’s actually a good idea; I might do that.