How Tall is your Self-MOC?

It's simple, measure your self MOC in inches or centimeters and send it with a front shot of the MOC... I will then build up a scale to show how peoples MOCs compare with each other...


Which one? I've got around three.

about ten or so inches.

Could you be a bit more precise @RaptorTalon, and include a picture... And @Cyclopian which ever one you think is the best.

About 23 centimeters.



'Bout half an inch shorter than the new Jango set, and midway between the heights of Korgot and Lewa '15.

@Cyclopian I need you to give me an accurate number, and a picture...

Oh, a picture would take a couple hours.

Is your camera that bad...

No, but it's at home, and I'm not.

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I'm not sure.
I haven't built it yet.

Is it possible to measure the heights of a thought?

About 24 centimetres. (it is only one of my self MOCs, but my favorite one)

Thank you! You will be added to the scale. It's looking a little sparse with just me and Ghosty on it


Only one self MOC per person ?

Yeah, to stop it from getting too overloaded with the same person's MOCs

My Master of Iron Self-MOC, Will-ron, is about 8 1/8 inches or 21 centimeters.

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Will-ron is the name right?

Okay, that is a good reason.