How Tall is your Self-MOC?

Yes, yes it is.

I don't know what color I have closest to gold xD

By the way, I only have around 4 or 5 spaces left on the first page

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Just over 10 inches tall/ about 26 cm

To quote the film, Elf, "Six inches!"

Picture please...

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(Still working out the colors as you can see) Stoax is about 8 in tall, or 21.6 cm


Feet to wings, Atequ stands 14 inches tall. :smile:

he's really not too tall, slightly taller than Skull Basher

0 cm. Cause I took it apart and it currently doesn't exist :pensive:

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At full extension, Ghar is a little over 10 & 1/2 inches. Let's say 10.52 inches.

Excited to see the final product! Should be interesting!


Have you been influenced by MrBolTron ? :wink:

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At full height. RT is about 11 inches to 12 inches.

@RaptorTalon that's a whole inch difference, I need an exact amount

My self moc has no height, whilst also being infinitely tall...


What is he,god?

12 inches tall.



That is really nice I really like the forearm armour pieces


24 centimeters

Get on my level.

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Holy crap. Is that spoilers RT, or is that the old version?

Because dang he looks good!

Also, wow...he's taller than Ghar?...

Yeah, now that I've added him to the scale, he towers over everyone else xD