How Tall is your Self-MOC?

Ghar or RT? :smile:

RaptorTalon, Although @RaptorTalon and @PakariNation99's self MOCs make me and @Ghosty look tiny...


Haha, well that ought to be interesting to see! :smile:

Heh. RT has been getting bigger and bigger. now his hands look too small XP.

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Well, when it's finished I will upload it in a comment on this topic so that you can all see

Oh, Pekekoa, he's only 8 1/4" tall, or 21 cm.


And i thought my self-MOC was tall...

@PekekoaOfJungle Do you have a picture with more color? A brighter one maybe?

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Sorry, that was intentional, I haven't finished my Self-MOC, or posted it, so that's all I'm really willing to show at the moment. I'm also not going to let a whole hour of using Photoshop go to waste.

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Oh, well I need the colors really for the scale...

Maybe use Plural's MOC for reference.

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7.5 inches or 19 centimeters.

I will use that one...

Poor tiny @PekekoaOfJungle


Ariki stands at about 10 inches, or 25.4 centimeters.


You have a SelfMOC? awesome! link plz.

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You're welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now while I do have a new version of Marendex that I plan to roll out in the next few days, his height does not vary too much* (except for the shoulder-horns/spikes, which I don't really count anyway) from his previous iteration (shown below).

And he stands-
* breaks out tape-measure *
-Eleven-and-a-half inches tall at the head.

* Maybe a quarter-inch at most, depending on how he's posed.


Mine is 9.8 inches tall.

About 9 inches, excluding the fin on the top of my Kanohi Rode.

My is about the same height as CW Optimus with the Spider's legs can make it's taller.