How Tall is your Self-MOC?

@Whaddon Don't you have a self-MOC?

Look at my comic series

How tall is it?


It is done! Sorry to those who aren't on it but from left to right we have Me, @Ghosty, @MakutaKirakh, @RaptorTalon, @PakariNation99, @PekekoaOfJungle, @Lord_Tuma, @Stoax, @Booster_Gold, @ChaoticTempleKnight.


Ooh, nice art.

I really like being short. :smile:

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If it makes you feel even better, our MOCs are the same exact height...

Stoax isn't much taller...


Yeah, I would have thought he would be taller.

No, I like being short. It seems to suit his character, especially how Hafynx drew him, all skinny n' such.

Wait, your MOC is short?


Yeeup. We're the same exact height.

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I'm liking this! Good work! We all look pretty awesome! :smile:

Hey, if I may, might I try and take the actual pictures and put them all in a thing similar to this?

Lol I'm so small! I actually like that cause most Toa of Stone are usually short.

Of course!

He's still a WIP and his size could change, but he's currently 24 1/2 cm, or 9 3/4 inches tall.

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Hey where am I?

I mean, how hard is it to just put my name with nothing above it?

Or don't, because you should just do whatever you want...

Well don't be hostile about it, ELK....

I'm going to try and get eveyone on one, since @Hafynx said I could.

Sorry, I didn't mean to be hostile, I was just curios...

This is great!
An honor to have my self MOC on there. :wink:

Well, Krampus is 14 inches tall.


Here's my completed one:

Sorry @Spiderus_Prime, your picture was a little too blurry and far off, I couldn't fit yours in.

@Hafynx, I only used the pictures that were here, minus RT and Lord_Tuma because theirs had their feet cut off, so I didn't add Kardymis, sorry. He'd be in between Ghosty and MakutaKirakh of you want to imagine him there.

Also, @Cyclopian, your Self-MOC was the smallest, but ironically it had the largest photo! :smile:

Also, sorry anyone if I got your Self-MOC names wrong!

Enjoy all!