How The Mod Squad Ruined My Life!

You threatened my queen, you brought SLAVERY and DEATH to my city steps. Oh, I've chosen my words carefully, Persian. I can't say the same for you.


Today The Mod Squad where on my DevianART Account to be disguised of everything, ever my Micro Heroes versions of different series.

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I was dicing tomatoes today

And aside from tears because VeggieTales I was suspicious if one was going to CRONK at me

And then all of a sudden none of them did

Except Cronk was hidden under the table and he CRONK'd me

I still haven't been able to type again

No don't ask how I typed this or how Cronk found my address BUT IT'S ALL TRUE

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They did it again! Only with samurai this time, and there was 500 of them! It was horrible! I was just in town walking home and then BOOM! Samurai! I barely escaped with my life!

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@Political_Slime Is forcing me to share a hotel room with him and a big scary communist named @Komrad, just because of budget cuts he needs to abide by!

The state of this political system is messed up!


The mod squad made me flag this topic for moderation! Rip me


The Mod Squad made me shoot the sherif, but not the deputy.

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Waj overthrew me after the other Mod Squad members kicked him out and made me the king.

True story, but I lost the screenshot :frowning:

What does this mean?

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Wouldn't you like to know

You know how like, you open a can of peanuts from like the 1910s because nobody sells cans of peanuts anymore

Just strange peanut-shaped bottles that terrify small children

And it turns out a snake was hiding in there the whole time just for lol's

It's uh like that I guess

After the concussion on the lampshade I'm not really sure anymore


The Mods have been nothing but helpful towards me...

(Raises deflector shields and readies photon torpedoes.)


It's a trick, they're trying to lure you into a false sense of security


And then they try to brain wash you! Like in Ba Sing Se! If anyone mentiones a place called Lake Laogi, get out of there!


@Chronicler stole my Avatar's gag.

Check again webhead. I had the Mario-related avatar first.

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Chronicler impersonated the great Luigi! That is a crime all it's own.

And now they stole my other pupper. Thankfully though they gave back the first one they stole.

K so

One night I was up watching Rocky & Bullwinkle

And then the power went out and spooky music started to play

Turns out it was just Cronk in a bedsheet running into things


Waj was there with a basket of tomatos

And he dumped them on my head

That was fine except Slime was there hiding as a Tomato just for lol's

And ever since I've been afraid of eating tacos



@John_Smith is a bully and abuses his power.
I want @John_Smith to lose his moderating powers immediately.


I can lose my powers

I can lose my coolness (ha like I have any)

But at least I'll still have my dignity

Unlike some people :wink:


Unlike me, the poor fool who made this topic

I mean pfft dignity? Who needs it?

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