How-to: remove balljoints without fear of them breaking

(I’m still not sure where to put this,)

Are you afraid of your ball-joints breaking?
I’ve found a way to never fear lime plastic,

apparently a lot of people have broken their ball-joints by removing them, heck I’ve done it myself, which is why I tried to find a way to separate ball-joints without them breaking,

using this method I haven’t broken a single ball joint, however don’t just yank out the ball, you have to ease it out at a decent speed.

I hope this helps at least someone.


I thought it was going to be something else… I’ve been doing this for years XD Never knew it saved ball joints, although it explains why so many of mine stayed intact.

You validated me? I dunno.


It just seems like so many people talk about how their ball-joints have cracked or broken, someone had to say it.

Yeah, I know. I’m just slightly surprised others do it too.

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Yeah, this is how I usually do it, although I did still break a few lime greens and tans.


huh, I’ve never broken a joint this way, interesting.

All of the ball joints I have broken were cracked when I was putting them in…

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This is exactly what I do.

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