How to upload my MOC

Hey guys, I recently made my first MOC. I took pics of it on my kindle, how do I upload them onto here in a topic. Stupid I know but help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Well, There are many different ways to do that. The one I use for photos in general is this:

When you click reply, you notice that there is a few buttons. You know, these:

To upload an image from your computer you click on the one that has the rectangle with the arrow sticking out of it. This box will pop up:

To upload it from your hard drive you click browse, and a gallery of your pictures should show up:

Slect the iamge you ant and hit open, then hit upload. As you can see, I did this with an image of my moc Baka:

Itโ€™s that simple. I hope this helps.

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Thank you, now I can upload my MOC

Youโ€™re welcome.

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Question answered, topic closed.