How Ven found his Shredder claws

(Not sure how many parts this will have, either one or two, or three or four)

Ven looked out the window of his rented apartment in New York. The drizzly day drearily stood out from the brilliant light of the crescent moon. He stretched his arms, donned a great Ruru, opened the window, and began web-slinging across the spires. Kahi ran outside and shook his fist at the departing symbiote/toa/not-quite-sure-what-Ven's-self-MOC-is, yelling,
"You promised to paint my car!"
Ven was lost in his thoughts, and the web-slinging, but mostly his thoughts. Suddenly, he felt a tingling in the back of his head.
"My TTV sense is tingling," he said out-loud for dramatic effect. He flipped an landed on a building, the tingling still revealing itself as little squiggles above his head. He walked to the edge and stared down into a dark alley-way. A gang of Foot Ninja had cornered someone in a green shirt wearing a Miru. Ven struck a heroic pose as lightning flashed behind him with a thunderous roar.
"Have no fear weird little man who wears cardboard masks! Venom is here!"
With those heroic words he leaped down to save the helpless boy who was being beaten by the vile Foot Ninja. Ven landed in the alley with an ouch and struck a dramatic combat pose as Guile's theme played. The Foot looked at each other before charging with Katana raised.



EPICNESS. Is all I can say

This part will be longer because I'm really feeling creative now.

Ven quickly went into action as the ninja attacked. Two struck from the side and one stabbed from in front. Ven countered by shooting webs into two of his assailants' eyes and kicking the sword headed to his chest. Another one hurled a chain in an attempt to trip him up, but Ven was ready. He leaped up and caught the chain, yanking it from his opponent's hands. He then thwipped it around like a madman. It mattered not how many foes he faced, for they were no match for his bodacity (I know that's not a word). Soon, the Foot Ninja were strewn across the alleyway, groaning and moaning as they tried to hobble off. The boy in the green shirt wearing the cardboard Miru rushed over to thank his rescuer.
"Mata Nui be praised! Thank you for saving me, but there's no time to doddle. The ninja will be back to bump me off because I know to much. You must save the city!"
Ven stood there stoically while the sun rose to silhouette his background. Finally, he made a decision.
"Come with me back to my apartment. Tell me everything you know."
"We should stop by a market and get some mangosteen first."

Meanwhile in the Foot Clan tower, the Shredder was taking the news his ninjas brought him very poorly. He kicked a table out the window and glared at his minions.
"You mean to tell me that one scrawny boy who had seen our secret weapon by accident escaped my best ninja!?"
The Ninja who was the object of the Shredder's wrath trembled.
"My lord, there was this warrior."
The Shredder's eyes narrowed.
"Just a single warrior? My men are supposed to be the best. And one man defeated ten of them!"
He threw his man to the ground and placed a boot on his chest.
"Give him a message. If he wishes to meddle in the affairs of the Cult of the NSA, then he will have Karzahni to pay."



The cult of the NSA? Hilarious!!

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So many wonderful references and things here. The Cult of the NSA must fall!

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This is....absolutely... BEAUTIFUL. 😭

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Meanwhile, back in the TTV rented apartment, the current crew was having a pow wow to determine the next course of action. Mesonak lounged on the couch sipping his coke that had lost its carbonation and surveying the scene before him. Kahi was pacing back and forth before the kid wearing a cardboard mask while Venom stood in the corner, bobbing his head to the tunes on his ALPod (Applego pod). Kahi rubbed his chin and spoke.
"So let me get this straight Ven. You found a bunch of Foot Ninja in an alleyway that were attacking this guy, and you didn't leave them to finish him off?"
Venom kept bobbing his head.
"I said- oh please." Kahi walked over to his compatriot and yanked the earbuds out of his ears. "Did you--!"
"Wait!" the kid in the mask yelped. "If he hadn't saved me, than I wouldn't be here to tell you that the Cult of the NSA has set-up operation here, and they're planning the downfall of the city!"
Meso's stale soda spewed from his mouth as his eyes widen in shock. He set his cup down and turned to face the kid.
"You know this? How?"
The kid tore the cardboard mask from his face, revealing his face to all. Kahi did a double-take while Venom started tapping his toes. Kahi was the first to respond.
"Eljay! But we thought you had been captured and sentenced slave-labor!"
Eljay glanced towards the audience and glared.
"Did you assume that I simply wore a cardboard Miru? This was an Akaku. No one would suspect me wearing it."
His rant over, he returned to his exposition.
"Well Meso, Kahi, Venom, my story is a dark one, filled with sorrow and woe..."


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Where are Vardy and Viper?

I don't think they'll end up in this story.

will you ever finish it? D:

Probably not stuck_out_tongue

Aw :c