How were the Bohrok Developed?


This is a real world query. I am interested in knowing exactly how the Bohrok came to be. The story elements and design of the sets are integrated so smoothly, that I can’t tell what came first, or if the sets were designed at the same time the story for them was being written. I know that for other sets (such as Mutran) the story had to be tweaked to match it’s physical appearance (Mutran and Chirox both wearing a Shelek, for example.).

So was this true of the Bohrok, or was the process behind them different?



Added question mark as stated in rules ~Ghid


Sets always came first, story came second. My guess is that the story team had a rough idea – a swarm of insects of some sort – and that set designers then went and created the Bohrok.


Thank you for your reply! I always had a soft spot for the Bohrok. Again, than you!

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