How would Tahu's return to Nuva affect the golden armor and its given powers?

You have mentioned before that the Ignika can turn Tahu back to his nuva form, so my question is, would this give his makuta powers an boost similar to the one his elemental powers got with the transformation, would he even keep the powers, and how would it affect the golden armor?

Just curious.


It would not affect the Golden Armour, since the powers are in Tahu himself, not the armour:

I don’t know about the other stuff though. Good questions.


Aw man I wanted an epic Tahu vs Tuyet ultimate showdown

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The real question is would all that new found power corrupt Tahu. He is basically a God now and we have seen the Makuta corruption effect him already.

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Why couldn’t there be?

Personally, I think Tuyet’s main role would have been involved with Marendar, and possibly as the eventual leader of a new faction, but there’s nothing stopping Tahu vs. Tuyet.


Mask of light movie when he was poisoned by the rahkshi. I realize it’s not quite the same but all that power now at his disposal and having in a way absorbed some makuta essence in a way could see that corrupting him.

Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that. Maybe they could have done something with that.