How Would TTV End?

Thewo Three Virtues

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Sounds legit.

Eljay would rereviegood guy And good guy 2008 and unlock ultimate power and in a rage of power destroy all of them and himself in the process

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I can totally see where you're coming from with that, but the thing you should also note is that our Bionicle G3 discussion has literally reinvigorated the podcast's performance. Last year, the podcasts gained about 1.5k - 3k views each. Now, each podcast literally keeps growing and growing with every episode we put out. The last episode got about 4k views in a day, nearly hitting 5k. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the general number of views we got from then on, talking about G3 on the podcast. There's a huge number of fans, especially a silent number of fans, who are tuning in now more than ever because of what we're doing.

So I totally get why it wouldn't appeal to you - but the concept has resonated with fans and viewers so much that I can't really say we're going to back off of it anytime soon. Plus, we all really do enjoy talking about it.

This is something we all miss and something we're hoping to rectify real soon. We're thinking about bringing TTV Talks back for some good old TTV personality action, to balance out the podcast now that it's got a new life of its own.


Good to hear, I love knowing that you guys are doing well. But yeah, the return of TTV talks would be great, as hearing you guys go the rounds about anything from comic book movies to summer is always entertaining.

Keep up the great work and fantastic viewer interaction!



Aren't a lot of those views from kids who think that that lego might be making an actual G3?

Titles like "BIONICLE G3 Toa and Rahkshi Concept Art | TTV Podcast #237" aren't really clear that it's an unofficial thing. Even if you explicitly say it in the videos, you're still using clickbait titles to get those views.

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That might account for some of them, sure, but comment numbers are also up, Audience Retention is about the same and the Brickonicle forum itself has been extremely active, all things considered (specifically during the Elements debate).

So while I wouldn't doubt that some people are stumbling in, the rest of the numbers show that most of them are at least sticking through with the podcast - which is, of course, why we do anything with it.

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Exactly, but with that also comes the feeling that the Podcast is turning into something that is being driven by views and money, and not legitimate and from-the-heart discussion about the line.


Except it is - in fact, I would say these have been some of the most from-the-heart discussions about Bionicle we've had in a very, very long while.

The stats just back up that this new thing that we're doing is also seeing good feedback from our community.


I got a better idea for how TTV would end.

Eljay would ban or turn everyone into Good Guy's and throw them into fires or turn them into Solek's and chainsaw them in half.

It could happen

With Eljay leaving.


Most entropic way of TTV ending is that most if not all of the cast get swept with things like starting full time post college jobs and taking care of their future new families with kids of their own.


Huh, I wonder why this topic got revived. /s

That being said, I don't think Eljay leaving signals the end of TTV in any way. End of an era, maybe, but TTV's still going strong.


i feel like this went from a joke to ttv hate thanks to the eljay incident, and it makes me sad that one thing is making the entire community leave and ttv lose patrons


Ttv ended a while back, on August 31st, 2017...

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R U Sure about that?

"This is how [TTV] dies."
"With thunderous applause."


My bets are that someone will use @IllustriousVar's microwave without cleaning it again and that's what will do the trick.


Depressingly with many sad fans.

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I imagine it will be a bit far into the future where everybody has lost interest and is doing their own things. And even then the channel and TTV isn't over, just inactive.

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