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I dont Moc that much, but today I was playing around with some pieces when I came up with this custom mask.

You'll need these pieces. Any color will work.

Just add a hand and you're done!

It looks cool on MOCs too.

You can use it if you want. You don't have to credit me but you can. If anyone's done this before please tell me. Toodles!


Very simple, but I kinda like it. Maybe use the brown one and get a cool tribal mask.


Thanks for the suggestion! :smile: I would try that, but I don't have brown Rahkshi feet. Is there a site that you can buy BIONICLE/Technic parts on?


Bricklink is a good place


Thanks! :blush: it is time to brick all the links!


Here's a tutorial for the Okotian custom torso which I used on my new Harvali MOC as requested by @Morgy:

Note that there are two types of the normal length 2 pins - ones with thick sides and ones with thin sides. You can only put a bar inside the ones with thin sides.

This torso is one unit longer than a Protector torso.

That's it, hope you find it useful!


Thanks for posting!


Yesterday, I was designing a virtual MOC when I made this custom torso.

Here are the parts that you'll need (Any of them can be color swapped, and the 5-long axle is never used.)

First, the upper torso.

Time for the lower torso.
Now just put it on the upper half and the frame is complete!

Now you can use CCBS or custom parts to make look how you want!

If you want to put G2/Glatorian heads on, just take a 2-long axle and two balljoints and put them together.

That's it for now! Feel free to use this in your MOCs, and if anyone has made something very similar to this please tell me. Bye!


Hmmm, i might try to do a how to of the complicated parts of my self moc here. Its mostly small technic pieces mushed together to create a solid piece. It looks really good tho.

And this is without armor.

If you want a how to then i want atleast 10 people asking for it.

I have a very bad memory so i might put it back together wrong :joy:

Oh yea, this is not the current version. The arms have changed a bit.


You could always take pictures as you're taking it apart, and just follow your own instructions on how to put it back together again.


May i use that head design?

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Alright this is an arm build I used in a previous MOC topic of mine and its kinda easy to build. It's better used for bigger MOCs but uh.. I don't really care on what you do with them XD.

I'm just gonna do one arm cause they're just the same build and I'm kinda lazy.

Ya need these.

(You squeeze them together and make sure the axle is sticking out on both sides)

(Comnect the part I made earlier like this)
(Then flip it over and add this piece)

(Now bend it at a 90 degree angle and add those 2 pins)
(Now add this technic piece and flip it over so that the technic parts are pointing to your right)

(Now push that part in and do the same steps to make another arm)
(Connect the other arm on)
(Then add a CCBS torso if you want, it's optional. Then just add some armour)
And you done son!


you could um

semd it to someone on Discord and they could fix it for you



Well, hey, man, if you're offering...


Im making pohatu and gali using lalam24 build, but don't know where to start, any suggestions?

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@Samtastictogo has instructions in above posts.

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I already got them but I need a build specifically for gali and pohatu

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Here's a torso build I created yesterday for anyone who wants to... I dunno.

Here are the pieces you'll need. None of the colors need to be like they are here. Also, the weapon pieces aren't used.

Now flip it over.

The frame is done! Now you can add what you want to make it your own!

You might be wondering how I put on that Hordika chestplate.

Now just attach it to the CCBS chestpiece!

Thats if for now!



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so... were you on a phone or what?

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