Hoxuak, mutated beast

So I've finally finished this guy! smiley

Definitely not my best, but I'm quite pleased with how he turned out despite some of the issues he has.

And here he is, in all of his weirdness. He's supposed to be horribly mutated and have a quite beastly appearance, which I think turned out pretty well.

The feet definitely need some work, but they get the job done so I'm not too fussed. Also, those legs are sturdier than they look, though they do rattle slightly.

I decided not to go for actual hands because I thought that massive claw-like appendages were more fitting. Hoxuak could also use these to walk on all fours if he felt like it.

His shoulders and upper arms are definitely my least favourite portion of this MOC. Honestly they were kind of rushed, but they're sturdy and look good (at least in my opinion) being proportionally larger than they should.

My favourite part of the MOC. smiley
I'll leave you to guess why.

Anyway, as usual all criticism is welcome! If you like to learn more about his character, check out his page.


I think you already stated everything I would have to say as far as constructive criticism goes. smile I do like the overall character that the MOC has.


Cthulu? Is that you?

In all seriousness, I think the tentacle pieces add a lot to the bestial look of this MOC. Nice work.


I love this! It's almost like a Kalmah revamp, but with plenty of unique aspects that I really quite like! And as @ToaVuhii said, I'm getting some serious strong Cthulu vibes from this guy.


Well,my chances of appearing on the MOC Spotlight just got nuked.


@Seto_Kaiba Thanks!

@ToaVuhii and @ColdGoldLazarus I always thought cthulhu was a giant octopus/squid-like creature. I've just looked it up and now realised that was I was thinking of was the kraken--I can really see the resemblance now. Thanks!


You never know what'll appear on the MOC spotlight, could be anything!

How come?

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I was hoping that maybe that with a little bit of luck this guy might have appeared on the MOC Spotlight,but i'm pretty sure now that Hoxuak will.And that's pretty cool cuz he's a very cool looking moc.

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I like the uniqueness of the MOC. The Karapar head, the little tentacle things, and the unique parts of this MOC really make him a pretty cool character.


@Reokai Thanks, I'm glad you like him!

@Chronicler Thanks! I'm pleased that you and others find him unique. smiley

Tires on his shoulders break the flow of the Moc.
My only neg. criticism.

Yeah, I wasn't quite sure about my placement of those and I had no idea what else to put there. However, it does look better with those rather than without. Thanks for your comment!

Hmm... Reminds me of something from an Outer Limits episode for some reason stuck_out_tongue

Great MOC! The torso is probably my favorite part.

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It's a Kalmah head. :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like this MOC. To me, it has nice compact, yet bulky look to it. I really like that in a MOC.

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Thanks! I tried my best to make him fairly compact so I'm glad that came across.

too simple for me needs technic

Wait what... this has a bunch of technic it's just covered up by Bionicle parts...


I really hope you're joking.