Htes-Self M.O.C

Toa of stone


uh… more picture please?
The build looks complex downward until to the leg section.



This is a good MOC, but the neck could be better. (and the lighting but im going to excuse that as the sun exploding)

yea, but personally I myself have no problem with it, but who knows i might change that

Welp, never thought I’d be able to describe a moc as ‘tetris-like’ before, that torso is, odd, like a thicker T-orso, not a fan,
Also the photography is rather useless for actually seeing the moc.


I would recommend taking pictures in a place not as bright as this and a bit more zoomed out as I have no idea what the feet look like. Otherwise, this looks good from what I can see

Not sure if thats a potato camera or the sun is undergoing a super nova.
I agree with @Toa_Distraxx that the neck is a bit too long.
Also it would greatly help if you included full body shots and back shots, with good lighting, it looks like the light is behind the moc, it should be behind the camera to the side.

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sorry about the photography