Humor or Story Comics? (CLOSED)

EDIT: I'm getting quite a few votes for slightly story mostly humor comic, and I liked to hear your reasoning. (Please don't misunderstand me and think that I don't want you to vote for that.)

So I'm at a crossroads on whether to do a story driven comic or a humorous slightly story comic. So which appeals to you more?

  • Story driven comic
  • Slightly story mostly humor comic


Votes are public.

By the way, totally as an advertisement I have a comic here:

P.S. I'd love to read your reasoning below!

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Por que a los dos?

@thundermaster612 What about the two?

Why not both? They both appeal to me at different times usually, but I guess I would have to go with Story Driven because it's usually humor comics that are hard to come by.

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@thundermaster612 Well I do use humor sometimes in my comic though being story driven is the idea. What​ I'm trying to say is that I get what you're​ saying. But I believe that a balance between the 2 is almost impossible and to be honest, not worth trying.

What do you mean by this?

Crap, forgot to add good to it. It's because mostly whenever I find humor comics (like official ones, not ones from the internet/fanmade ones) they usually don't have good jokes and just try too hard/aren't funny in general. For example the 'Mightly Murdered Power Ringers' comic. That just wasn't funny and had several missed opportunities and did stuff for no reason. I couldn't read past like, the 3rd page.

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Honestly, most Humor comics like Archie kind of suck in my opinion. I just never find them that funny.

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@Ninjanicktf, @thundermaster612, I agree with you both, and to be honest I believe that if I go the route of humor I'll end up just like those comics. Though! I'm not giving up the idea in all it's entirety. I plan to do a extremly sarcastic comic (probably a 3 part) possibly making fun of the boards with a humorous intent.

I would like to see a story drivien comic with humor in it.


The end result is 52% to 48%.
Thank you to everyone who participated!

Hey thundermaster, I know it's a joke, but one of the rules of the sight is to speak english, so please do.

Also, if you want to do a humor comic, you have to know if you're funny or not. Shoot, if you wanna do a story comic you gotta know if you can write well.


The best is a mix of the two.

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I don't actually speak Spanish, that was a reference to a meme. But okay