Hutere 2.0, Toa Leader (Self-Moc)

I took into account all of the opinions people posted on my first version of this self moc, and out came Hutere 2.0! He isn’t Hero Factory, though, I’m just calling him that. He now has some waist movement, and he has back armor, too!

Constructive criticism is encouraged. :sunglasses:


Good job improving it. You really should on the lower legs and arms, they’re a bit too skinny.


I definetly like this one more then the first one. It looks much better in a lot of ways.

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Glad to see you improved this guy. The torso looks good and I like you gave hime a way to store his weapon.
However you definitely need to bulk up the lower legs and the lower arms. Also, you could rework the waist a bit, or you could armor it up, so it doesn’t look skeletal.
Other than that, you are close to get a very cool moc.

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The MOCs upper body looks great, but the legs look a bit skinny compared to the rest of the MOC.

It’s interesting to see the 2016 protector breastplate translated into older technic pieces.

This is great, way better then 1.0 man.

The legs are a little to thin for the rest of it, but overall it’s pretty groovy man.

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I love it because of the colours and the fact that you can store the weapon on it and I like the weapon beacause its a katana thing

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Thanks! I’ve always liked Katanas.