Hydraxon Revamp



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This moc attempt to look like Hydraxon, but end up looking like a g2 skull villain, some more images would be nice.


Why did you made 2 topics???

Did you mean make

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Make? No, I am pretty sure is made. Because you already made them.

but when you use “did” it’s already in the past, so it is indeed “why did you make”

Grammar lessons by the random spanish guy
but that’s really off-topic

the moc is meh, way too skinny to be hydraxon


OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH… Yeah! Thank you Spanish guy!

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You forgot random.

Yeah, the arms are too skinny, not enough weapons, and more pictures would be great.


I’m not really seeing the resemblance.


Doesn’t really look like Hydraxon

kinda all I can say about this MOC

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It’s the best out of the mocs you’ve posted but it looks nothing like hydraxon and the upper legs are to thin

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The moc is alright. The torso looks fine and I like the idea of the sheet and shoulder armor coming over the head. But the arms could be longer and the thighs desperately need armor. As for it being a revamp, it doesn’t have any of the recognizable features of Hydraxon. At best it’s a G2 interpretation of the set.

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It looks ok, armour is lacking in a couple of areas, colour is consistent, it just doesn’t exactly look like, or even remind me of Hydraxon…