Hype moments

AKA Most exciting moments of a series or single piece of media

whether a character does a cool thing or a whole event happens


when bionicle 2015 launched



Choo Choo, mother [censored].
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The entirety of E3 was one massive hype moment for me. =3


I may post some more later, but at the moment this,


and this,

are what come to mind.

I remember waaaay back when the trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars' season 2 and 4 finales came out.

Also, not going to lie, before watching The Legend Reborn, the Nicktoons trailer got me hyped as heck.

Much better than Lego's trailers.


Unity day, Duty day and Destiny day
for any of the old users that remember those

these were the three days leading up to the annoucement of bionicle 2015, back when lego first posted a number 3 teaser, stating they would be annoucing something in three days

The entire boards (including some TTV members, mostly Kahi if I recall) banded together to celebrate each day

each day had a boards update, and we celebrated something
Unity day- I don't quite remember, I remember someone drawing the boards altogether
Duty day- We were told to do clean the boards, flag posts, etc

and finally, the most hype moment ever
Destiny day- the people building the metru nui server annouced a livestream, I spent 5 hours of my day building minigames for the rest to use during destiny day livestream, as I would miss it (NO ONE USED THEM, AT ALL) and then, Cliffhorse Crew was annouced I am foggy on what really happened there
I remember being in a call before, where the name was talked about
Oh the good times

but then, when I woke up the day after I saw the bionicle 2015 tweet
I was hype


I wasn't on the boards yet... I did see Unity Day Matoran, thanks to my bro...
But alas. I wasn't there.


I felt most excited when I found out there were plans for an entire Star Wars sequel trilogy.


When Fallout 4 was announced, I flipped out. That and Bionicle 2015 being announced were my two big hype moments.

I've had three ultimate hype moments:
-(obviously) When BIO 2015 was leaked.
-When I found the 2015 sets in stores two weeks early.
-When the second trailer for Star Wars TFA was launched.

All of these moments involved excessive shaking, jumping up and down, and long discussions. and slight loss of bladder control.....


I won't post the actual video on here, cause it's not really suitable for the boards, but pretty much all of the Saw film endings. I think pretty much every film ends with an epic climax.

lov dem movies

Alright the obvious one.
1- Bionicle 2015 announcement.
2- Waiting for the target doors to open when amiibo wave 4 launched.
3- When Jurassic World and Star Wars Episode 7 was announced.

When BIONICLE 2015 leaked.
And when I found out that BIONICLE parts lot I purchased last year was almost a my house.

Halo 4's trailer. The one where Chief wakes up and uses the Sticky Detonator to blow up walls and stuff, and then he saw the Forerunner Shield World.

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Whenever HF stuff was leaked, when I saw Jurassic world. and when the colored display was leaked....and a bunch of other stuff.

When I went to the movie theater to see Ant-Man, and I saw the Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster in the lobby, then they played the trailer for it before the movie. To be frank, I was rather giddy...

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when I saw the battlefront 2015 trailer

granted, it was followed by wave upon wave of disappointing news (no clone wars, no space battles, only 4 planets, no flyable Y-wings, ect) but it was cool at the moment