Hytale (Title must be seven characters long)

The creators of Hypixel (by far the largest Minecraft server) are making a game themselves. The trailer amassed 30 Million views in the first month and some people are calling it Minecraft 2.


It looks too similar to Minecraft to be allowed to pass. It most probably has to pay some sort of copyrights to Mojang. Although it is cooler by the original.

Marc Watson actually said on Twitter that the Mojang team was completely OK with it.


Oh, then I was wrong.

A Mojang employee.

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Huh. Neat.

How long until they’re sued by Mojang?

It looks like a Facebook game

Yeah. There have been so many different cheap and terrible Minecraft clones and rippoffs that this concept is pretty much dead on arrival. So this will need to try really hard to be successful.

[quote=“Jakanader, post:3, topic:48594”]
Mojang team was completely OK with it.
[/quote] I think this answers your question.


Hytale looks amazing

I really like how this game is turning out. I can barely run Minecraft as it is, so I could never play Hytale to begin with, but if I could I would definitely mess around with the development tools they’re releasing with the game.

Nothing says cool like being able to make your own game models.


i need it


When will it actually be released?

Also edited the title
~~Vladin, Toa of Fire

I don’t think anyone knows.

Also was the title change really necessary?

When I read it for the first time I thought the name of the game was actually Hytale 7 characters.


“Hytale!” Makes it seem like the exclamation point is part of the title too, though… I think I fixed it.

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