I Am Your Queen - Gahdok Revamp

You thought you'd seen it all after I finished my Rahi Revamps? Guess again. This model uses many techniques that I just discovered while playing around with parts. Did you know that a bushing can fit inside a Bohrok body piece? It's a snug fit, but I'd call it legal!

Also, before everyone starts asking, no, I'm sorry, I won't be posting Cahdok. I don't have the pieces at my disposal to build a second version of this model, and honestly, it would look like a clone set with a slightly different head.

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Elongated Neck

New and Old Comparison

There will be more to come. You might even say, if you wake one MOC, well, then you wake them...nevermind. Once again, please comment and upvote!


It's a really good MOC. But I personally like the original set better, at least for looks.


This is pretty darn neat. I like the more dramatic color scheme, and also the fact that she looks more limber/mobile instead of looking like a stiff, overgrown chicken. stuck_out_tongue


I find this quite shocking, to be frank. stuck_out_tongue The original, while fun for it's function, was terribly designed in terms of mobility. All it could do was move it's arms and legs (And nearly every pose you put the legs in would cause it to topple over).

I dunno, it's something about the original that makes it look smoother in some ways. And the Red-and-Gray color scheme made it look unique. The function and how the teeth worked out are also very well made.

I dunno, it's matter of personal opinion.

I like it, however something about the shaping of the face throws me off a bit(at least in context). Perhaps if you tried to mirror the original's facial features, it would look a bit... Better.

The rest looks nice, save the tail, but that's just the inherent curse of using inika limbs for longer protrusions. Perhaps some CCBS joints would look better?

Enough about the negative though, I really like the thighs and neck, the torso shaping is comparable to the original, and the hands work nicely as modernized adaptations.

Overall, good job. I'd just try to make the head somewhat more faithful to the original.


Honestly, all I think the head really needs is more in the Red department.

I like the new variation and shaping of it. >.>


it is so creepy. almost looks like an old and damaged version of the original.
Great job, I love it! smile

now, I don't know what it is, but something about this looks really derpy and off to me, and I in fact like the original better as well, for the life of me I can't place why though.

Cool but the black just seems out of place...

They still look like chickens to me stuck_out_tongue Good job though.

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It's a demonic Gahdok.

Like your design of this MoC, partially because Gahdok now more closely resembles a Bohrok than a chicken. I do like the fact that Gahdok is now more poseable. Perhaps a bit more red on the legs, neck and head would look better.

Because of the build for the new head, the lower jaw's teeth extend past the upper teeth, like Fenrahk. This is something that the original Gahdok's teeth didn't do. Perhaps consider revising this in another revamp.

The eyes seem a bit more exposed on your MoC than on the original version. Perhaps exchange the black 6-length bar for a black 5-length bar, or add something behind the eyes to eliminate the protrusion.

Really good job!

I like how you designed the head.

I truly don't know what to think. It's better than the original for posing, but the head is just...I don't know. Not a fan of it.