I broke the Bionicle app guys!

so um I was playing the Bionicle App on Bioncle.com and well I pushed a skull spider out of bounds.... some how and then I tapped on it and then this happened...


Wait wut? Did you go through the door?

Did he means did


Would you mind explaining what exactly is happening..?
All I see is one of the vines in the background attacking Lewa...

Morbuzahk2015 confirmed!


Tren Krom or Morbuzahk, actually.

Also this glitch is hilarious.

Karzahni was the second vine creature, not Tren Krom

I have to go with Morbuzakh. Since I haven't read many of the books, I don't know much about Tren Krom.

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I'm with you here. Tren Krom was not a creepy vine creature. He was just an enormous abomination that had psychic powers. Poor misunderstood thing...


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Same thing happened to me before, although I walked through the gate back into bounds... somehow

He was the tentacle monster from the darker parts of japan.

But he was thinking at least 6 years ahead of the game in Bionicle, having a skull thing going on before Grinder and co. did.


It could also be plant Karzahni, from Maze of Shadows and Time Trap. stuck_out_tongue

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Happened to me too. It's silly. Gotta close and replay level.

I did too by hitting a skull spider on the other side of the gate