I can't edit my post

So on the "What're you a Master of?" topic, I tried editing a post I made before, but when I clicked save edit, it reverted back to the original post.

My original post said, "I AM THE MASTAH OF ART.......and getting people confused with the pronunciation of my name.", though I wanted to edit it to say "I AM THE MASTAH OF ART...... AND THE ONE TO SURPASS MAKUTA GEAR!", though it remained the former.

EDIT: Apparently when I type "AND THE ONE TO SURPASS MAKUTA GEAR" in lower case, the edit saves, but not when it's in upper case. There's a problem.

try editing it again. This has happened to me and simply editing twice usually works.

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I tried before but nothing happened.

Hmm. IDK then.

refresh the page and/or restart the computer?