I can't log in :(

So, As you may know, I have been around the forums since their announcement at Makutafest. However, a few days ago, the forums went down hard, and everything was listed as being private. Thus, I thought it was a personal problem, and decided to try logging out and back in. Of course, it wasn’t just me, but I had no way of knowing that. Since then, I have been unable to log into the forums, and had to create this account to even communicate my problem. When I input my information, it pops up with the “we have sent an activation email to your account” message. So, is there any way for you to fix this? or am I stuck in this account forever?


I have no idea, I’ve never had that problem before. Seriously, that sucks, I’d imagine having an account and that happens?
I am so sorry man, that must suck.

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yeah. It’s more frustrating than anything else really.

Never had this problem. Can’t help you :confused:

Eventually a mod/elder will see this and should be able to help.