I decided to build some stuff

I'm not sure of this stuff, because I don't often build stuff. I also don't own much part stuffs, and never built some of the big titan stuffs.
It's just some photos of a Self Moc, Mesonak and Eljay I did today and such.

But I uploaded it as a YT Video due to not wanting to overload the internet with pictures.


That music though.

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I destroyed ears? Yay.


Applego has risen...And only TTV and the fans can stop them...

I present, the Applego resistance Mechs/Exoskeletons.

Mesonak would be the small set for the year ($10), with simple switches for other cast members and fans, Eljay would be the Toa/Medium set for the year, with part switches and stuff for Kini, Kahi and Viper. ($15).

I'm probably the $20 Titanish set, mostly due to the build.

In story, Mesonak is the now crippled leader of TTV, and the exoskeleton was a fast attempt to save him, due to this it's not suited for combat like Eljay's and Myself, however the Plasma Shotgun does pack a punch...

Eljay is a General, with Frodobell by his side, Eljay's sniper rifle is not always needed, as his claw can quickly sweep away enemies, and his High pitched shout destroys ears

And I'm just me.


Wow. Some very interesting MoCs you have here.

Gotta say, that first MoC of me is a pretty interesting take. Although the multicolored horns make me question life itself.




I just discovered this topic, and I must say that those are some very impressive builds. smiley

LOOOL when i heard the power rangers music i burst into laughter, what a strange song choice!

The horns are used to make you transform into xXx_SPDRed_Mesonak_xXx.

Don't question it.

Question Illuminati.

I made sure to destroy people's ears smiley

No. That music brought back memories from my childhood.


Nice MOCs, Beef Senpai