I designed a tattoo

So I did a tattoo design awhile ago, this was the digital version:

And this is how it turned out:

I’m really happy with how it ended up looking, it’s sharp and clean. It says “Iris” btw, and it’s been a plan to get this done for over 6 months, so it’s extremely satisfying to see it finished. it’s kinda weird thinking about it, cause now she will have my design for the rest of her life. Pretty neat.


Alright then.

That’s actually quite impressive.

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I thought you where a girl for a moment there.

Otherwise, this is pretty neato…

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Man, that would be weird with the voice I have.

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Why does it look like she has a welt like someone punched her?

Also, It looks like it says Kris. I don’t know why, especially since there’s no lower prong on the K, but when I look at it , I see Kris.

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Cool. It transfered well to the skin.

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