I did an art

It's not often I do art... But the way I see it, if you can't build it, draw it.


This looks really cool! I especially like the mask!

Reminds me of the Speaker from Destiny.

Very cool, I like the style here.

I like it, especially the way he(?) is posed.

Looks pretty awesome.

What would you call that weapon? A spear? A halberd?

The way you draw... I can only do simple bodies

That mask is pretty cool.

I dunno, I just made it up...

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It looks awesome!

Very "oriental" too.

Pretty neat.

He should be careful.

How's his balance?

I hope he doesn't fall...

Why can everyone draw but me? If I were to show you my most prized drawing, I wouldn't be able to, because I hate every single one of my kindergarten lookin doodles.

Foreal tho, nice drawing. Luks kewl