I drew another thing


I’ve got a Matoran topic up already, but since this a) isn’t a Matoran and b) isn’t part of the same universe/story that the other topic was about I decided to post these separately:

It’s my fan art of Toa Nhikan, a character from Kaibagal on DeviantArt. I drew this picture in which he’s not overly impressed with a couple of ‘toa’ tools, since I never saw a drawing of him using his. Turns out he’s supposed to have some kind of extendable whip sword that is usually on fire, which I just had to draw… I’m rather pleased with the result:

Hope you enjoy!


And I also fought at first this was Toa Norick

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He does share Norik’s mask and color scheme, but I don’t think Norik’s Kiril features spikes…

Or a theropod’s foot. Or Ivy Valentine’s sword-whip-thing. Or a hook and an axe.

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I meant the Design at first with the Metru style torso

That bottom one looks amazing.

That’s actually the description I was given: “Like Ivy from Soul Caliber’s sword, but longer and on fire.”


So that means he wont Age

“well what do I do with this?”

Nah but this is dang good! Love how you did the biological parts.

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this is really good, nice job on the shading

The fire effects in the second one is really cool…

Nice! The attention to colour is amazing! also the shaping. Wish I could draw like this

Nice. I love that whip.

Ooooh, I just noticed the weird foot, very interesting…

Apparently Nhikan was experimented upon with Hordika venom by his Makuta dad (yeah, I don’t know either) which had some repercussions for both his body and his mental state. If you look close, you can see his left hand also has clawed tips while the right doesn’t, and his left leg is ‘double-jointed.’


I understand what your saying about the differneces, and they are subtle and well shown, but,

Is just baffling…

I don’t get it either. Near as I know, Kaiba hasn’t posted official backstories, or the way the headcanon works in this case.

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