I finally made a Self-Moc



I mainly made this after seeing @Ghosty needed a bootleg Simon to his bootleg Kamina. And thus, from the fruits of 2-3 hours of work, I present this:

Yep. There’s about 1,000,001 things I’m trying to slightly reference here, so I’ll make the list quick:

  • Drill arm referencing the Giga Drill Breaker, and Shin Getter 2’s drill arm,
  • Wings slightly referencing Shin getter 1’s Getter wing.
  • @Ghosty’s hand design (to an extent)
  • Simon the Digger’s color scheme (to an extent)

Huh. guess there was only 4 homages.
Here, have some action shots.

Wind blows profusely

@Ghosty, notice me, senpai!!!”/s

And what happens to the stub that holds the Drill arm?

Friggin’ Flame Sword.

Also, got the figure to play nice with a Tamashii stage of mine, so…

And that’s all, folks!

Now, time to upload…

Wrong button.


Drill hand?!
###copyright claims ensue


Ah. false DMCAs.

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######giga dril breakah?


@JMP, I was more going for Getter 2’s Drill Missile.

I’ll try and make something for the Giga Drill Breaker

I feel like I’m on the outside of a reference. This is new, I’m usually the one making the reference…
Aside from that, I like this. The color scheme is good, but the legs look weird to me. I don’t know why, they just do.

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I tried making the thighs kinda look like they got baggy shorts.

They also use the same custom build as the arms.

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I could also bring up Bioshock’s big daddy

and the other drill based mechas

and other things

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■■■■■■, I just meant for this to knock out 2 birds with one stone. Don’t add more birds to the hit list.

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Pretty noiiice


so, @Ghosty, this enough of a bootleg to be with your bootleg?


He just needs Simon’s weird roundy glasses things
then it’ll be perfect

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so, time to try and imp-


Your bootleg kamina had no katana.

my bootleg simon has no goggles.

we both have missing details on ours :slight_smile:

That, and my head is large enough with the protector mask, and I think the goggles are gonna be too hard to implement,

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Looks at Takua

Seriously though, while simple, this is a pretty good Self-MOC. Hopefully it can develop into something very impressive in its later versions. Keep it up. :smile:

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This looks pretty good. I like how you used both CCBS and Technic. I feel it adds a lot more onto the MOC. I will admit though that the limbs look a little thin in places, but from what I can tell of the build, it just sort of happened.

I know how you feel.

Yea, the proportions are kinda off, but to be honest, it’s actually a quite fast build time, compared to my other MOCs.

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The colors kinda clash, but I like the drill arm

Nice drill arm.

This is pretty cool!

The internet is never happy