I just got Pohatu

I just got Pohatu 2001 set on ebay and he'd be cool to be with my Toa mata sets so now I and now I have the Manas and Muaka/Kane-ra, but I've already got my eyes on Mukak and Kane-ra but I'll just wait until in December because I get $300 each December, because it's like Christmas but it will not be easy so yea Muaka and Kane-Ra sets and maybe the manas, I will get all of the HF invasion from below sets but they are for Christmas but I shall see


For a second I thought you got the 2015 set stuck_out_tongue.


WHAT, haha I wish


It's me!


This made me remember getting a 100% complete Pohatu Nuva at a garage sale for $2.


@Pohatu Yup you in 2001 glory, When I first saw the movie your pretty much like the happiest toa along with Onua.

@RangerSilver6 thats sounds like a really good price for really old bionicle sets, I wish people do that in Ebay for buy it now.

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Cool! I hope you get what you want with your Christmas money!

thanks mate cause I'm nearlly done with 2001 series

WOW. That is an impressive feat! I hope you accomplish it!

yup 2001 is nearly done 2010 it done, but the rest getting there ^^

Cool. I would love to see your finished collection.

I'll get a photo of all 2001 sets when I get all 2001sets

Pohatu was my first set :,)

But, alas, I lost the topper
On Pohatu's soccer.

Oh, how it would be neat
If Pohatu was complete.

But, for now I have his freinds
And my collection never ends.

So, one day I'll find him
Inside his own box
With the instructions
And all of his rocks.


that might not be easy on Ebay but possible I boutgh mine used and he comes with the Golden mask and yes he also comes with the brown mask and the instructions and the container but not sure about the Pohatu poster.


Congrats. Had him since 09.

Good find! Golden Masks aren't cheap!

I did found a couple but now they are all out at the moment but yea, it's the best Pohatu set that I have found and the cheapist aswell

Gotta love the noodly arms on the canister, "I just kicked a rock! Woopwoopwoopwoop!"

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seriously he got me freaked out there for a second

Got him again a year ago, but he is my first. (Got 2 of the same, one to replace missing parts.)